How JDBC(Java Database Connectivity) Work

Many technologies come and go but, usage of Java was not reduced. It is a basic language for every technology. If you are going to choose any technology, having a basic knowledge of Java is more useful. Because, it is a basic platform for all technologies but, learn entire Java is somewhat difficult. We can write a program from anywhere because it is an independent language. We can also use Java to program web apps. If we can understand the core concepts like collections, OOPS, and libraries, these concepts are sufficient to build games. Mostly, Android developers are using this language for the development of mobile application. This article explains that How JDBC(Java Database Connectivity) Work? You want more information and updates on Java check previous articles.

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What is JDBC?

After the completion of coding, we need to connect the data to some databases. It is a difficult task but, with JDBC we can reach our goal. JDBC(Java Database Connectivity) which is used to connect Java application with database. It is an API(Application Program Interface) interacts with MS Access, Oracle, SQL Server, and My SQL. We can use ODBC also to interact the Java Program to the database but, it is not suitable for direct use. Because it is a C interface. With JDBC we can overcome this problem. This model came after the ODBC, but JDBC is more convenient and useful. It offers a pure interface for working with the database. We can use JDBC API to handle the following activities.

Connect Java program to the database.

Execute queries and update statements to the database.

Watching and Modify the resulting records.

Creating SQL or MySQL claims.

Actually, JDBC developed by Sun Microsoft, now part of Oracle. With JDBC we can access the different types of database and run any platform. By using JDBC we can use to write an application that can send SQL statements to various databases. For accessing relational database SQL is a standard language.

API(Application Programming Language): It contains all descriptions of all features regarding software or product. It represents the interfaces and classes regarding software programs and follows to communicate with each other. The purpose to create API is store libraries, applications, operating system. It’s time to take a look at How JDBC(Java Database Connectivity) Work? I hope this will helps you.

Normally, It is a recognition to supplies all interfaces that allow for portable access. With Java, we can write various types of executables, such as look on below

Java Applications



Java server pages (JSPs) and

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs)

How JDBC(Java Database Connectivity) Work?

JDBC(Java Database  Connectivity) makes it impossible to possible, to connect the database, which can send queries, update the statements, execute the output. Simply, we can say that with JDBC, the connection between the database and Java application is very easy. Finally, the result will also very clear and no risks. The below figure shows the components of the JDBC model,How JDBC(Java Database Connectivity) Work

Actually, the process will be like, Java application calls the JDBC to submit statements and get the results. As per the above figure, JDBC API is an implementation of JDBC driver. JDBC interfaces also implement by the JDBC drives to calls and return the values. Initially, JDBC is a set of classes that implement the interfaces. Finally, the database stores the value coming from the application by using JDBC Driver. The following shows that the main objects of JDBC API:

A Datasource object, which can use to connect the databases to applications. It is the best method for connection.

A Connection object, which can control the connection to the database. By using this object an application can alter the connections of behavior. With this connection object, an application can create the statements.

A ResultSet object, which contains results regarding query. This is the information regarding How JDBC(Java Database Connectivity) Work? I know this is not sufficient information for the title but, what I have in my mind just I put in this blog. For more information Join Java Online Training.

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