Hi, this is onlineitguru, nice to see you today on my website, so now I and You are going to see how our Tableau become Relative to google. Simple if we go on Technical aspects Tableau Integrates softly with the whole google cloud platform to provide each and every aspect of your Analytics Requirement. Moreover  Google Cloud Platform is the Gift solution for many organizations, with very huge complex data problems. With our Tableau, anybody can virtually travel that data in practical-Time. How Tableau Became Relative of Google

Tableau taking screenshots of the total spectrum by making connecting to Google Big Query, Google Ad words, Google Analytics and Cloud SQL.For Analyzing so many trillions of rows in mill Seconds with scripting a Single line of the program. Without moving data into a memory. You can check data in place by taking the advantages of Google’s cloud Computing capability by giving point to point analytics answers.

Ok till now you and I seen how tableau is Interacting with Google.Now I will show you how we can make use of google sheets by tableau.

Tableau has the capabilities that it can directly connect or take data from google sheets, by that it can allow convenient and Interactive progress Environment within a company.

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How Tableau Became Relative of Google

By the way my dear in the year 2010 we came to know that Google BigQuery was Implemented, so for this also Tableau has been connected.

How means our Google BigQuery is completely managed by cloud-based analytical platform. That which ok the users to operate fast, SQL as quires on multi-terabyte datasets in milliseconds.

Tableau Connects gun shortly to Google Big Query, to deliver Quick queries and advanced visual analytics.

How Tableau Became Relative of Google

How Tableau became relative of google: 

See my dear friend how our tableau is Interacting with Every platform of Google.

So by the way the next, a final one is Google Analytics.

If we think in a common way, google analytics is a different Platform and  Tableau is a different platform.

How could Tableau Interact with google analytics? by this way my dear!

How Tableau Became Relative of Google

The Google Analytics is an API platform that uses Tableau’s User Dashboard Interface, to find solutions quicker with Drag and drop feature which verifies length and breadth to measure to see only the relating Data. How Tableau Became Relative of Google

Okay now recently Tableau announced Tableau Server on Google Compute Engine.

So tableau happily announced, that Tableau Server was certified for use, in google compute Engine. That means that Tableau clients, finally, who are willing to host Tableau server in the cloud now have the button to host it with google.

That was displayed in a beautiful and using Way. When it comes to constructing report sheets. So, Tableau allows you to plough down and  Provided ad-hoc analysis for on the go solutions to root causes.How Tableau Became Relative of Google

And the latest ways of watching the links between all of your data.

The Google Cloud-Based Platform System

So you and I are having so many Tableau, friends who are already taking advantage of Google’s faster, flexible, and affordable data Resources.

And with the native connection to google Big query, Google Analytics, Google Cloud SQL.

Likewise With the help of Tableau, Server now certified to operate Google Compute Engine, anybody can take the benefit of the same speed, measurability hosting on Tableau Server.

So if you and I want to get started, with this method. First start a Google Compute Engine VM, after that make a Download copy of our Tableau Server, onto the machine, Install and get started Publishing your workbooks and Data. How Tableau Became Relative of Google

Benefits of allocating Data In Tableau server:

  • Data can be located in tableau Data Engine or an extractor in a relational database.
  • When we download a workbook from Tableau database. so, the data answers will be there on the server itself.

So you and I till now discussed how tableau has become part of Google life.

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It’s better to have a basic knowledge on analyzing and maintaining the data for implementation purpose.  Moreover, In practical no, Programming skills were required to learn this course.  And It’s good to have knowledge of the use of Excel or the worksheets .  And Trainers will train you if don’t have a knowledge of Excel

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