How to analyze the dot net app using Linux
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Whenever a client gives you a project, the task does not end with the development of the project. After development, there we need to go for the testing process and then go into the LIVE. But even after the project goes into the LIVE, the analyst needs to analyze the performance of the application regarding the performance issues and then makes the necessary changes if any required. Till today, we have made an analysis using Windows. But today Microsoft was planning How to analyze the dot net app using Linux. ? The major aim is to make the dot net application comfortable with all platforms. the major aim is of analyzing the apps is to identify the bugs and then rectify them for the better working of the application. The Microsoft team make use of popular tools such as LTTng and performance to enable the performance of Dot net core applications

Today Dot net online Training provides the building of  dot net core app . And using this application effective apps can be created. Using different technologies like C++, visual basic app dot net core applications makes it possible. Moreover,  Git Hub contains all the things required to build on dot net applications.

How to analyze the dot net app using Linux?

Basically, a dot net code consists of both native code and managed code. Common intermediate language(CIL) uses the Dot net tool chain and is known as Microsoft intermediate language. At run time, the intermediate code is compiled into native machine code by the core CLR Just-in-time Compiler and executed. Moreover, applications with the managed code use run time services such as garbage collection and JIT compilation. Moreover, each of these services needs to provide diagnostic data, to allow developers to understand the performance of the application and run time. And for enabling the symbols to be resolved the majority of performance diagnostic improvements occurred . Moreover, Linux records all the stack traces.

The dot net core application is shown below

How to analyze the dot net app using Linux

Identification of Right tools:

Initially,  for analyzing the dot net application as a stating model on Linux Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) is is used . Moreover,  performance data collections is used for many years.  And ETW  is capable of collecting both the kernel and user space data. And for the purpose of running the entire application and Windows Kernel, ETW can collect both the kernel and user space data.  But it was not available on Linux. And we need to choose an equivalent that covers same features on Linux on Windows. But till today dot net team picked LTTng and perf. They used this because it provides the Enough provides from ETW to fill the gap, And Linux community uses all this

collecting machine wide counters by using trace points generated at Core CLR build time , LTTng handles the user space.

Moreover, these tools provide:

Hope you people were clear to How to analyze the dot net app using Linux .and also get further more examples at Visual studio training

Hardware counters and kernel events with kernel and user space call stacks.

Run time and application level event-driven tracing data for diagnosis and performance analysis. How to analyze the dot net app using Linux

Generation of stack traces and Symbols :

It is necessary to use the stack walk to enable the –fno –omit –frame – pointer. it is a worthwhile trade off for getting the detailed stack traces. For generated codes, JIT modified to preserve the format painters.  Moreover here , dot net core improves a lot .  But this frame pointer could not still able to compile many native libraries .

Future agenda:

Till today, it is not yet possible to possible yet to dynamically register the user space trace points. This means managed code cannot register the user space trace points. Instead, all managed code triggers the single trace point.  And soon it was going to achieve.

Recommended Audience :

Software Developers

Project managers

Team leaders

Prerequisites :

No more additional requirements to pursue the Dot net course. It’s good to have a knowledge of C++ (or) VB script. But this is not a compulsion.  Real-time experts of OnlineITGuru will teach you from the basics.

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