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The work of a data analyst is to process Statistical analysis of Information. The skill set is not as same as Information scientist. However, if we see the work of both Information scientist and stats examiner it seems equal. In particular, they explore many ways in stats used to find solutions of the questions arise in Information. In this blog how to become a data analyst, you will explore more updates about Report examiner.How to Become a Data Analyst

If you are an analyst, what you do!

You will make reports and offer presentations that depended upon your Industry.

Give answers to the questions offered to you, regarding the reports.

You have to recognize latest designs and trends that relevant to the Information set.

You have to know and terminate Non-relevant Information.

Work deeply with cross functional groups like IT management and Information scientists to get company goals including IT online learning.

Education needed for analyst

Generally, the first and main step for becoming a knowledge examiner is to have a bachelor degree.  Furthermore, that degree includes analytical, statistical and logical thinking. Main concepts are finance, economics, and marketing. Moreover, these are known as data analysts qualifications.

After completing bachelor, you have complete master degree in knowledge science and big facts.  However, think before when your go for master degree in statistics. You have many internships and junior level jobs. In fact, you can try some of them and get minimum experience.

Programming skills

Basic knowledge on Programming languages like C, C++ and R. Good Knowledge on Excel, SQL, mining, cleaning, visualization, ETL frameworks and Java script. However, these are known as data analyst skills.

Communication skills

Generally, these skills are the important skills of your job. You have to make a good practice on writing and showing your research reports. They should have best skills including visual and verbal.  However If we take some situations, you have to take main decisions that depended up on your presentation. Especially if you show your work to a non-facts examiners in a free language. If they understand it, it is termed as good job.

How to get Work Experience

This is the time to show your skills for test. Start researching which type of industries are looking for Big Data analyst. Up to my knowledge the popular industries who recruit them are Financial Institutions, Technology companies, and afterwards marketing teams.

Check for Internship Offers and opportunities that what you can apply.  In the mean time you can make use of platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Intershala. After doing some Internships you can apply for entry, level Jobs. For Instance, Many companies show placements to their interns. Finally make sure that you check your capability during Internship time. Attend examiner online certificate courses.


You have to fix the errors in code and report related issues.

To illustrate Designing, handling database analyst and Information systems.

Providing Statistics reports to company management.

Recognizing latest opportunities for Improving the Process.

Equally, Important Targeting trends and designs in report sets.

Cleaning and removing Information to overcome Improper Information.

Doing statistics mining for secondary and primary sources.

Interacting with management, technology and simultaneously report scientist teams for setting goals.

Demand for analysts

Most Important Day by Day, the demand for examiners is increasing for stats professionals. Data analytics has become the main factor in decision-making and it turn it increases Jobs. It is not just creating new jobs, in the same way companies are waiting to upgrade the existing workforce.

Jobs are Top paid Jobs worldwide. In USA, the annual salary of Top paid examiners is $126,000 to $90,000, by depending upon their Role and responsibilities. In India, also, these jobs are under Top paid Jobs and they will get up to 7 to 6 lakhs per annum.


Learn Data analysis, it is big concept. Every Information type from company to company. In that where analysis only depends upon only certain specific Project. You should have scripting, statistical language tools and many more. Some Prominent tools used in these days like MATLAB, SAS, SQL and Hive. Where MATLAB and python are major scripting languages. SQL and Hive used for querying R and SAS in predominant statistical languages in terms of today technology.

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