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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
How to learn Blockchain?

For learning blockchain, you have to master the basics of cryptocurrency. You can initiate it by connecting with many Developers in communities, forums, Reddit, YouTube and many more. If you have experience, you can buy crypto currency, coin base and start business. You can also Join OnlineITGuru online training program, which as many benefits. You should be good programmer, for becoming a developer. In this blog how to learn blockchain, you will see the best points to learn it.

you can easily Go through our Blog what is blockchain, As we discussed you must be developer, with the basic programming skills like C, C++, relational database and procedural language will guide you understand the concepts. Because a Developer can, best understand the concept of data structure, so you can start obtaining results into Data structures. You should have passion towards understanding the concepts.

It good if you understand designs of MVC, MVVM, document-view design and micro-services. Knowing this will guide you to understand the variation between decentralized and conventional system. As a part of that, you have to master the basics of communication Designs, every time suggested that you have to know programming languages like Java script, C++, C.

For becoming a blockchain Developer, there is no certain technical aspect is needed and a basic knowledge about the decentralized system. It is very easy for you to think about working process. If you want to make beautiful career, you have to master the famous and most needed platforms are Hyper ledger and Ethereum.

IT Certifications

Etherum plays a important role in designing your career and scripting smart contracts. If you become a certified Etherum expert i.e., CEE, if you clear this certification. In the same fashion You considered as a professional, who possess In-depth Knowledge of Ethereum and its operation process. By utilizing this applications for Business and companies with Blockchain tutorial.

Hyper ledger, it is just like a permission, where it plays a Important role in developing and updating Hyper ledger tools. Coming to the point you should have knowledge on Main two Projects.

Hyper ledger Composer.

Hyper edger Fabric.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is an open software technology, In fact it Initiates Developers to design and move decentralized applications.

What is Hyper ledger?

It is also an open source, which initiated for better blockchain technology. As a process, it is hosted by Linux foundation. In addition, the group mates in manufacturing supply chains, Internet of things, banking, finance and many more.

Programming Languages, you have to learn






I think we are familiar about, the languages C++, Java, Python. However, we have another two languages like Simplicity and solidity.

Solidity, considered as a programming language, it scripts just look like scripts of basic languages. Furthermore, this language is very easy and simple to learn.


Generally, it is a form of programming language that designed for smart contracts. This programming language improves cryptocurrency scripts like Etherum virtual machine and Bitcoin script.  For Instance, Simplicity utilizes static analysis.

What is a Blockchain Engineer?

A technology is considered as an Engineering Profession. It considered as a great human intellectual, since the Internet is came into existence. It also a technology for bitcoin code. The following software companies also started it.


Especially IBM treats it as a service, depended on hyperledger fabric. Besides, it is a public Cloud Service that the users can implement to design networks. The company started this Idea in last year.


It is a combination of Azure Services and capabilities that designed to guide a  nd move its applications. In fact to spread the business process and data with the companies.


Finally SAP also started a cloud-based platform. It used to integrate many types of capabilities. Users can extend latest applications to use the Blockchian designed apps and design networks.

Blockchain Online Training

OnlineITguru Blockchain training is the best source to learn. You can go for self-paced or online training. You will get the benefits like lifetime access to all the training videos. 24/7 support and many more. Training will be provided all world time zones, so that you can learn in your free time. We have weekends and Sunday batches also.