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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
How to meet the customer expectations?

Recent Survey for the state of CCR tells important points. Today customers expect personalized, Intelligent customer experience. IOT gives customers to reach more business. IN order to gain more customers. So, Organizers need to provide personalized, connected & intelligent customer experience. For get a better understanding of customers. Salesforce research surveys over 7000 consumers. So, the key takeaways to help business are ahead. And How to meet the customer expectations? And what are the types of customer expectations? You can learn more on Salesforce in salesforce online training.

How to meet the customer expectations?

Create   a great customer experience

Salesforce report says following about customer needs. 80%  of customers feels experience company products & services. 57% among them says stop buying from a company. Because they feels competitor provides a better experience. Similarly, customers are trying to push companies to do better. 95% of customers trust companies.

Personalize your B2B Marketing

There is a big debate between among business. How buyers buy in terms of B2B & B2C. A Business purchase such as choosing blog software. It is different from buying a road bike. Salesforce state of connected customer expresses a new idea. All buyers have a same fundamental expectation. It is regardless of the type of purchase. But the B2B and B2C audience are different. But consumer expectations are the same. 80% of Business buyers expert real-time communication. 74 % agree receiving personalized offers influence on loyalty. 69% expect Flip-kart-like buying experience.

Forges  a seamless Customer Journey

Our system is shaped by constant connectivity. At the stage of the purchase. Me and Now are the magical words. It means conservation with the person. 84% of customers feel numbers are important. Because it is easy to win the business. 70% of persons say connected  processes is good. It means considering customer touch point.

59% of customers tailors engagement based on past interactions. For example  sending an offer for a product in a cart. Offer for another item after purchase.  78% buyers feel s sales people act as trusted advisers. Self-service tools & chat bots are gaining popularity. so, They give the customer to find quick answers & queries of salesforce certification.

Inspire Customers with innovative  solutions

Real innovation is a deciding factor for most customers. 56% percent of customers shows interest to buy. They will buy from innovative companies. Therefore technology plays a major role in those innovations. as a result, 59% customers say companies need innovative Digital Experience. Major companies agree technology has changed their expectations. So providing innovative solutions will expand company business.

Earn customer trust  and their data

It is very important to build trust among customers. Understand the customer in 360-degree. Companies also need a heap of data.  But all companies are not earning customer trust then how to meet the customer expectations. 62% of customers are afraid of their data. 45% of customers feel, how companies use their data. Likewise, companies face the problem of how to provide personalized experience?. But some customers trust companies. 82% of customers share their information in in-person experiences. 81% customers give their information for professional help. 85% Customers share information for proactive customer service. So building the customer value is very important for companies.  It will help for how to meet the customer expectations.

Conclusion: So, by understand all these factors & follow strategies. probably this will help companies to meet the expectations of customer experience.  

Recommended Audience

Product managers

Software Engineers

Business  Analysts



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