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DevOps plays a major role in today’s world. It is combined work of two teams namely Development and operations. In order to fulfill a task, these two departments need to integrate to achieve best result. In 2017 many companies have started their journey through devops which were ever than before.  A  change is necessary for technology so as to provide latest updates to its customers. Moreover, one technology not sufficient in this current IT World.  Keep it in mind,  DevOps has implemented three different flavors. Let us discuss each of them in detail.

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Developer Driven Devops : Known as Infrastructure as Code. Example of Developer driven is Devops, attracted by more number of people. Application developers control infrastructure specifically managed plane of application dictates Infrastructure.  Designing of applications were in continuous even if underlying infrastructure fails. If virtual machines fails, management plane of application taken by another instance. And if object store hosting application fails, application management plane switches to redundant data source.

In traditional infrastructures, developers customers are from infrastructure team.  This infrastructure team offers highly available infrastructure where developers write code for all applications by ignoring underline Infrastructure. It uses an individual OS  rather than creating infrastructure.  This goal of Application design exposes a challenge of moving to a developer-driven model of devops. Today we have few developers where they can understand existing infrastructure to deploy an application.

Operations – driven Devops :

This foundation model of devops affiliates tools to manage infrastructure. This team receive development skills and complete automation and form management tools like Chef, Puppet, and Ansible.

devops online training, devops online courseOperations team takes mindset of developer and produces better results as per requirements of developer.

Platform 2.5 environment: Main objective of devops, improve fastness. A recent approach to improve fastness is, implementation of Platform 2.5.  It is a safe environment to do experiment with a  new operating model. Technically speaking this platform 2.5 is a segment portion of infrastructure that allows developer-driven devops. Speaking in non-technical point, where developers use Docker API’s to develop and manage applications. This could be simple as giving developers based on Docker containers. It build platform 3.0 applications that control Subset of infrastructure. Challenges in this type of environment include ensuring capacity management of underlying infrastructure, troubleshooting and performance monitoring.

Along with these Flavours, following things must kept in mind so as to maximize the Devops Success in 2018.

Trying to be Netflix:

Change in every technology is essential and is necessary for good use of Technology. Some people may follow (or) use technology daily (or) some do follow occasionally.  There is no problem for people who see regular updates. But problem is with people do not follow regular updates. Problem people who follow updates occasionally cannot find and view changes happened and cannot understand work nature of that environment exactly which leads to the loss of customers. So principle to follow that changes should done occasionally at a time(fixed time). So that most of the customers see and follow  updates.

Making speed on your Goal:

One important aspect of DevOps is that releasing of faster updates without a change in quality. For example, you should not drive any automation without any automated tests. but it misses necessary cultural groundwork like having developers, testers and operation teams that build automation collaboratively.

Recommended audience:

Software Developer

System Admins

Team Leaders

Project leaders


DevOps, you get started by understanding its principles and tools. It’s good if the people have knowledge of programming and some IT operations. It’s quite easy for CSE background people to learn when compared to other branches. But anyone can master it with proper learning and training.

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