Importance of DB architect
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Before going to know the importance of  DB architect, let me introduce you who is an architect and what is the importance of architect.

An architect is a person who plans, design and organizes for the development of the business. This person is responsible for the rise (or) fall of the business. The way he plans decides the future of the business. This person works like a heart for the business. A good architect leads to the good growth of the organization. The architect is present in various industries. He is present in various industries like Civil, IT, Fashion designing etc. In IT industry this architect is present in entire Software development life cycle (SDLC). This person may present in the front end (or) back .Database architect represents to the back end of the database. Today, in this article, I’ll let you know the importance of DB architect.

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Importance of DB Architect

I hope you got a clarity regarding who is an architect. Now let me introduce what is meant by Database and what were its responsibilities.

A database is a collection of information organized in an efficient and can be accessed easily at any time. The purpose of maintaining the database is that every data is being stored in a sorted secure fashion. We need a person who manages the databases and its operations. A database architect is a person who initiates the design, development and dumping of data.  The effective design of database results in the effective retrieval of data from the databases. So this architect must be given the major role in the organization.  Moreover, this person may present from start to the end of the business.

This database service is being provided by multiple companies. Some of them were Microsoft, Oracle etc. A major part of the services provided was same. But there were some minutes differences among them. Microsoft provides this database service under the name SQL Server DBA (Database Administration).

This Service provider uses a language called as SQL (Structure query language). Basically, a query is nothing but a question. This query is used to retrieve the data from the database. Moreover, this is a mediator between the end user and a database. In order to get the high efficiency of the database, designing must done well pre-planned.  Moreover this database can be anything like Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS).  Here the architect can do any sort of operation like Create, Insert, Delete, Update.

This Database provides many services .Some of them shown below.Importance of DB architect

Responsibilities of  DBA :

A database architect performs several activities for the successful development of the database. In addition Responsibilities include designing, implementing and maintaining the database system. Furthermore, this person establishes some policies and procedures to management, security, and maintenance of the system. A DBA typically expected to have an experience in one (or) more databases like SQL, Oracle, etc.

Usually, companies prefer the experienced candidates as a DBA. Because whole data will placed in his hands. If there any wrong in the command whole data will crashed. So companies  usually prefer the more experienced candidates as a DBA

SQL Server Components :

A component is nothing but the sub-component of the main system This SQL – server is basically a  client-server architecture, Equally important It supports two types of components.

Workstation  components :

This installed on every device / SQL server operator machine.  Examples include SSMS ,SSCS , SQLEM etc

Server components :

These the services installed on the centralized server. Some of them include SQL Server, SQL Server Agent, SQL Server DBA.

Using this component, the architect plans well  regarding the structure of the database for the development of the organization

Recommended Audience :

 Software developers

 ETL  developers

 Project Managers

 Team Lead’s


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