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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Importance of MapReduce in Hadoop

Enterprises need professionals to handle the huge data and use it to their benefits. Some peoples have some doubts about why enterprises need only data professionals. Why means, they have a huge demand in the market because data will generate in every hour, minute, and second. Nowadays, they are the number of jobs related to Big Data in the market. But, building a career in Big Data is not an easy task somewhat complicated thing. Whatever it is first we can try and practice as much as possible we can. Definitely, we can reach the goal, the thing is practice, confidence, and good knowledge in Big Data. Take a look at below on Importance of MapReduce in Hadoop

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From this blog, I am going to introduce to you Importance of MapReduce in Hadoop Why MapReduce is the main part in Big Data. Before going ahead, I would suggest you get familiar with HFDS. This concept will help to quickly analyze the MapReduce. If anyone interested to learn HFDC, go with my previous blog. After studying HFDS still, you have any doubts then get in touch with us click on above link. In below, we discuss Importance of MapReduce in Hadoop

Importance of MapReduce in Hadoop

Let's take a look on this blog. MapReduce is a processing layer which can allow the large data and divided in the independent task. Assume if we don't have MapReduce concept in Big Data. What will happen? It's very difficult to complete the task without MapReduce concept. It is a heart of the Big Data. In MapReduce, we can put a business logic, the rest of the thing care by the framework. The process of MapReduce is work which will assign by the user to master. The work can divide into parts and assigned to slaves.

Here in MapReduce, we get inputs from the list and it coverts output which again lists. Due to  MapReduce, Hadoop is more powerful and efficient. This is what a small overview of MapReduce, take a look on know how to divide work into sub work and how MapReduce works. In this process, the total work divided into small divisions. Each division will process in parallel on the clusters of servers which can give individual output. And finally, these individual outputs give the final output. It is scalable and can use across many computers.

Terminologies and concepts of MapReduce

Let's see the different terminologies of MapReduce. what are the job, task, and attempt? MapReduce program transforms the lists of inputs into lists of outputs. There are small phase called sort and shuffle in between Map and Reduce.

MapReduce job: It is an execution of Mapper and Reducer across the data. The output will come from the two layers Mapper and Reducer. In this process, which contains input data, Map Reduce program and set the configuration. So, the client(she/he) needs to submit data, the MapReduce program to and set configuration. The task of MapReduce is getting output from the Mapper or a Reducer. Task-In-Progress means processing the data is in progress with either Mapper or Reducer. We can execute a task in a particular attempt is called Task Attempts. Suppose, when we are working suddenly machine can be down. In that time framework reschedule to another node. The task attempt has a default value that is 4. For example, the task would fails times then the job is to consider to fail. We can increase the task attempt for high priority job.

How Map and Reduce work together?

Importance of MapReduce in Hadoop

The mapper can receive input and proceed through the user-defined functions. In Mapper, all complicated logic will implement. So, a heavy process will complete in Mapper compare to Reducers. The output coming from the Mapper is called Intermediate data and this output goes input to the reducer. This result is processed by the user-defined functions were written reducer. Finally, the result will come out. Through this blog, I explain the Importance of MapReduce in Hadoop This was all about the Importance of MapReduce in Hadoop. If you have any question about this technology please, contact below link.

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In order to start learning Big Data has no prior requirement to have knowledge of any technology required to learn Big Data Also, need to have some basic knowledge of java concept. It’s good to have a knowledge of Oops concepts and Linux Commands.