In every industry, technology needs to be updated so as to develop their business. Particularly IT industry needs to be changed continuously so as to meet the increasing demands of the market. Today more and more tasks were being run by the automated system in order to provide the fast and continuous delivery of products and services to the end user. To provide all these services accordingly,  we need an energetic like Devops  . In this blog , I share the importance of DevOps and also, In what perspective DevOps is successful.

In 2014, IBM defined Devops as a business outcome which provides essential enterprise capability for continuous delivery of software that enables the organization to reduce the time for customer feedback.

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The practices have been designed to dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery process to increase the speed at a lower cost.  A recent report states that, with the adoption of this platform, they have seen a 50 %  improvement in the code quality, 70 % decrease in the end user time and 58% of their teams were top in the productive industry. The effective usage of different tools of DevOps were described below

This platform today acts a bridge between application development team and IT operations by fusing an agile process which was adopted by the operation with agile practices favored by the development teams. This platform can serve all the services end –end from application to the development team and operations team.

Fro efficient deliver, Devops draws on the concept of continuous delivery which requires the removal of waste at each and every step of the development process in order to deliver the fast and high-efficiency throughput.  For effective streaming of delivery process, DevOps draw a design thinking and agile concept of continuous feedback loops in order to provide a quality and operational stability. Some of the measurements were discussed below.

In what perspective DevOps is unsuccessfulContinuous Integration :

Moving test, especially integration test will be front of the development process which helps to reduce the risk and leads to the implementation of Continuous  Integration and Continuous Testing.  A high degree of automation is essential  for successful implementation of DevOps in order to maintain the quality which significantly reduces the delivery cycle times

Measurements :

Measurements play a major role in analyzing an activity.Application of Analytics and Artificial intelligence plays a determining the insight of an application which provides better insights into success, particularly when you combine the use of application performance monitoring and sophisticated event management

All these were essential in order to develop and run the process effectively.  Eliminating routine tasks like streamlining allows practitioners to focus on various tasks like Error handling, implementation of new methodologies for the simple automation and efficient error handling.  For these tasks, teams need to be structured differently where they can collaborate the task quickly and comprehensively.

On the other hand, along with this excellent feature for the effective operation of a system, there are some negatives in using the DevOps.

If the application is development stage, it needs to be updated frequently where there are some situation like usage of old data to the current application. All the application does not require the same space and it is not possible to store the data(code) at one place(where the storage capacity varied from company to company). Moreover, there are some situations like usage of data from one (or) more applications so as to develop and run the current application.

In what perspective DevOps is unsuccessfulIn certain situations, data written now will be stored in a separate place where there is no possibility of storing the data at that place.But the problem in storing the data at that place is security which is the major part of developing an application. On the best example is  TESLA  which does not have any password in the administrative account which is a major thing for the non  implementation of Devops. And its promises that it struggling in  incrementation of speed in its process by eliminating the lengthy  process

If Security was added to the DevOps, it  will be good platform which combined both the development and operations teams

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DevOps, you can get started by understanding its principles and tools. It’s good if the people have knowledge of programming and some IT operations. It’s quite easy for CS background people to learn when compared to other branches. But anyone can master it with proper learning and training.

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