Integration of Security in Devops
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Before going to explain you Integration of security in DevOps. I would like to introduce briefly, what is DevOps and then i wll make a move for Integration of security in DevOps.

DevOps is not a single term (or) phrase. Rather it is a combination of two phases.  It is mainly the combination of two teams namely Development and operations. Actually, these teams not 100% fixed. However, basically, it is the combination of any two different environments.  Basically, the thing happens here that connection happens between these teams (these two may be any two). While making the communication between these teams. There we have some cases where the data needs to transferred across the network. While transferring the data across the network, we have some situations where the data may hacked across the network. In such cases, data may manipulate (or) completely removed while sending the data to the end user.

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In order to solve this problem, some security mechanism needs to added for the data to travel securely over the network. So some security mechanisms need to added to protect the data. These security mechanisms must added by the server so that the data will be added by the exact client. This security mechanism can implemented like encrypting the data with a  private key. And this data will be accessed by the client (or) end user by the decryption data with key shared by the sender. Today, in this article, i will let you know the Integration of Security in DevOps.

Integration of security in DevOps:

Cloud enables IT teams to apply Continuous Integration (or) deployment methods to deliver applications and functionality rapidly. Speed plays a major role in the environment like DevOps. The basic agenda of DevOps is to iterate, iterate the data and send the data after fixing the bugs to end user. On the other hand, we have some other problems in producing the continuous updates to DevOps. Through continuous release of versions. There would less time available for DevOps the apply the security constraints for each and every iteration applied to the team . Basically When a new code added tested, it needs to tested and send it to the Operations team.Integration of Security in Devops

Build security into the fabric :

Some organizations Keep security as a major agenda in transferring the data across the network.  This security added to the network for errors and vulnerabilities. So security has adopted as a major part of entire IT, product and engineering process. Additionally, it adds best practices to secure your code and resources. Teams have to build the automated checks as the system run in the production.In order to perform the operation secure enterprises have to engage in continuous security and regulatory compliance monitoring in the system during production.

Make automation:

There are many advantages of using DevOps. As cloud deployment and application development happen rapid app features evolving daily. No way to manually keep up. Most developers familiar with automation of scripting. Coding and the security cloud can operate in the same way. Security functions differently than code. But the process that operates can accessed via Scripts, API as opposed to the specific set of rules. Integration and deployment pipelines perfectly suited to automate the quality assurance and application of security controls as a part of normal development workflow.

As we know that data is moving fast in the current IT world. And even we could not predict the speed that it was moving. In the example, if data corrupted it takes much time to get back. So not to strike up with that problem, try to maintain high security across the network.

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DevOps, you get started by understanding its principles and tools. It is good if the people have knowledge of programming and some IT operations. It is quite easy for CS background people to learn when compared to other branches.

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