IoT Predictions for 2019
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Internet of Things is considered as the best technology for start-ups. Depending on this technology, many companies has designed their future. IoT has already changed our lives. According to the IoT experts, the following are IoT predictions for 2019. The talk is that these are the most updated and best features of IoT.

 5G Technology

Generally, 5G networks are for future and it is less cost when compared to 4G. At present this IoT Devices are working on Low-data-rate with low powered networks. However, with the Invention of 5G networks. The IoT Devices have more effect on High End Applications of It. These electronics connected to AR VR, RPA, AI, and ML Technologies. For future reference, you can through our what is IoT blog.

IoT predictions for 2019

Data Sharing

2019 is considered as the year of data sharing. This process done on many vendor and partner companies. In upcoming future companies will be in a Design that accepted by vendors, producers, and partners. These third party companies will share the Insights and reports from multiple Information sources. These are trusted in a secure manner. Trends points towards Information sharing and advanced Information analytics, and acts as a key to maximize the value of Internet of things Applications.          

Smart cities with Security

Day by Day, every city is becoming smarter. It Improves the Quality of each Service and updates operational capabilities. In that so many things are not properly working. In 2018 an unknown Ransomware has attacked Atlanta city, by that the taxpayers has lost overall $17 million Dollars. Even though, they warned them already.


I think you already know about them, that is the self-driving cars. Tractors, heavy machinery, Drones, and farm equipment. These all considered as first option to Automation, when self-driving cars considered as common along the Roadsides. All this machines come into automation with the future of IoT.

IoT and CRM

Every technology contains Information, in the same way IoT data also contains Information. So this Data is used for Customer relationship management software. It is a basic method, where the IoT electronics will notify totally. This could have bigger applications, that ranging from Appliance products to the usages like cable services. IoT alerts the Utility of service desk, software before compliant is reported.


It is nothing but Video-as-a-service and it is a real time Information. This was offered by 3D View of Business methods. City Corporations and Companies adapt the Video sensors, as a part of IoT method. It is powered by updated ability to design good operations. This is in Vice – Versa will save the money and time. In addition, it increases public safety in point of smart cities. In 2019 Surveillance as a service and Inspection as a service to get traction with latest method of multi-purpose IoT devices. That contain Cell-enabled cameras. IoT considered as Internet of everything.

Food is safe by IoT

This technology offering updated and best Food safety. Earlier the adopters of this technology contain cold food storage lineage logistics. They offer updated and hybrid cloud platforms. This technology works with AT & T for keeping the food safe with a long life. By this, the companies can able to check heating maps, alerts, reports and many more. To view the data on the environment and temperature in the food memory facilities to update food safety.

Smart Cities with IoT

In the coming years many cities update, themselves with IoT services to energies the smart city basics. For example in North Carolina, they utilize IoT big data to connect traffic lights to CRM salesforce for alerting the utility of companies. In California, we have San Diego that uses automated Intelligence, street meters and technical Lighting powered by GE’s IoT technology.

Demand for IoT data

If you have IoT Data, soon you will become a Rich man. There is belief that in 2019 and in upcoming years each company will sell more and more IoT data. This process is called Infonomics. Infonomics considered as best component of many IoT systems. So, The appliance manufacturing companies will sell IoT data not for additional revenue. But to show their products working well or not. For Instance, data from smart water sensors is to detect the water maintenance leaks.

IoT Security

Especially we have a big increase in number of IoT Sensors, that connected to many devices that Avoid security vulnerabilities. As this Vulnerabilities Increase, IT companies will have many attacks, with more and more damage in everything with a high security corporate and government Installations.

Latest IoT apps in Play store

Due its Uniqueness each user business, IoT users are moving away from one software platform to another. In the past, they use to offer applications in partnerships with cloud providers like AWS and Azure. Now we can provide offers with the help of Google play store. With this the higher availability, inbuilt security and best scale with this relationships starts. Matches what user have come to expectations.

Many companies will shift to IoT

Generally, many companies casually rejected the cloud and related on technology to meet their main security requirements. This year many companies shifting to IoT cloud, by this they not only get many options to grow, but also it decreases the time and cost as well.

IoT Pilots

Many business leaders are growing in IoT. As a Result, we can see many organisations implementing IoT pilot projects. In addition, there is no need of doing any trial, companies directly implementing these projects. In fact starting with a Pilot project will automatically raise their profits.

These are the best IoT 2019 predictions, in next series of blog. In next series of blogs you can get more news and updates on IoT training. So, For further doubts, you can contact OnlineITGuru team.

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