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We all know about Donkey’s work. Is Mulesoft take out Donkey’s work out of SaaS Integration? If you want to know an answer to this question, then stay few minutes on our website until you read this blog.

Why mule?

Mule is a word comes from Hard work or we call it as Donkey’s work. The purpose of this organization is to reduce the heavy workload, to get it done quickly a racehorse.

Scheming the solution for SaaS:

Come to the point, How to solve the SaaS integration problem. Integration problem is the most difficult and costly. By making use of open source technologies we can solve this integration problem. The main theme of MuleSoft is to reduce the donkey’s work out of integration. Mulesoft is created to bring a new approach, rather than boring coding, across the world. Yes, MuleSoft reduces the Donkey’s work out of integration.

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Based on this solution the company involving the growth and counts 150000+ developers in the mule organization and 32000+ enterprises are there.

By using mule ESB open source the company approach several benefits and including the fact of company lock-in. You will never base on the company to make on improvements you want because you have an entry to the source code. This Software is mostly used for a small business, who apply less involvement in software than large companies do. Mule ESB works across the platform as it is lightweight. Over 150000 members participate in Mule open source project. These people form a community for this project, who are developers and constantly grow the product using mainstream IDE, they are Spring, Maven, and Eclipse. The open source-based platform approach, that has won hearts, overall 150000 developers. So that’s what MuleSoft reduces the Donkey’s work out of integration.

For small businesses, it is crucial to identify an integration solution that is fast to place and simple to maintain so they can consume less time bother about integration and more time concentrate on driving their core business. Mule ESB is designed to work logically on product hardware, virtual machines, and developers laptops. Business grows Mule ESB also grow with you.

Let us  Know about Mulesoft ESB:

 The major advantage of  Mule ESB is that it facilitates the Developers to start working with Mulesoft with out any delay for downloading. Mulesoft management allocates essential management and visibility developers. Why because it uses an Eclipse-based environment. Mule ESB allows writing custom-integration code by the developers.mulesoft online course hyderabad

According to the recent reports , it came to know that mulesoft allows the integration of  wide range of platforms and applications for more than 120 connectors.

The organization has support offices in three different cities across the world. Mule ESB has a good support plan. According to Mason, Mule ESB reaches the 96 percent customer satisfaction. He said that Customer has direct interaction with an experienced Mule exert and only one growth step from core Mule developers. MuleSoft ESB is offered as an annual charge. There are three charge tiers available, which determine support terms and allow for premium quality. According to their website, the entire charges of ownership of Mule ESB is a small amount of commercial, traditional solutions. With Mule ESB, there is no need to purchase a different development, or application server, or pay an extra fee for support, or management tools.

MuleSoft Wins UK Cloud Award:

Yes, MuleSoft won the UK award. In MuleSoft, we are devoted to a task of finding special solutions to critical problems. As MuleSoft founder Ross Mason recently said, Mule was founded to take ‘donkey work’ out of hard problems by chasing it an totally new way. He said thanks to our customers and partners, MuleSoft Anypoint Platform recently win the UK Cloud Award regarding “Most innovative creativity product of the year”. For this wonderful award, we want to thanks the Cloud Industry.

Finally, we conclude that MuleSoft reduces the donkey work out of integration. MuleSoft makes integration easy and successful. Mule ESB fit for large companies as well as small businesses

Recommended audience:

Software developers

Project managers

Non- technical people


It’s good to have knowledge on programming languages like JAVA and a basic understanding of data formats such as XML, CSV, JSON and typical integration technologies such as  HTTP, JMS, JDBC, REST and SOAP. But it is not mandatory skills. Trainers will teach you if you don’t have knowledge of above-mentioned technologies.

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