Java Vs C#: Which One is the Best

The fight between Java vs C# has been a big argument among-st the development e community over the last few years. Both Java and C languages have specific advantages and disadvantages based on the requirement of a particular project. C# might be a little hard to learn programming concepts but, it provides a good background in programming basics. Java is the best programming language for OOP. It’s somewhat difficult to compare, which one is better. C# mostly used in web and iPhone apps and Java is used to making Android apps. But we talk about to a platform Java is most popular than C#. From this blog know Java Vs C#: Which One is the Best?

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What is C#?

In earlier days, every language was designed for some specific purpose. Take an example FORTRAN (Formula Translator) was used for scientific and mathematical applications. The C# language was designed by Dennis Richie in 1970s at AT&T Bell Laboratories. The C language is taken from the B language, which was written by Ken Thompson. C is a middle-level language. It has the simplicity of high-level language as well as the power of a low level-level language. This aspect of C makes it suitable for writing both applications program and a system program. Thus it is an excellent, efficient and general purpose language for most of the applications such as mathematical, scientific, business and system software applications.

Java Vs C#: Which One is the Best

What is Java?

Java story begins in 1991. It was released by Sun Microsystem in the year 1995. James Gosling and others at Sun Micro Systems conceived a language for programming in interactive TV systems. The original name of Java is Oak. It is a high-level programming language and it runs on a variety of platform. Java an object-oriented programming language so we can run Java program on any platform. Java is an everywhere and byte code that can run on an implementation of JVM.

It is a Whole ecosystem. we are speaking servers, libraries, messaging systems, frameworks, standard, drivers that work altogether. It’s cross-platform miracle. JVM is even used as a backbone to run other programming languages. Highly scalable, highly available and super in terms of performance. The last thing we need to know that is Java is a robust language, It’s very simple to learn. More than one billion devices use Java. More jobs are available on Java platform. Let’s know Java Vs C#: Which One is the Best?

Java Vs C#: Which One is the Best

Java Vs C#: Which One is the Best?

Java Vs C#: Which One is the Best? That is a hard question. The easy answer is that “it depends”. If you are developing an application for a C# shop, the answer will be C# is the best one. If you are developing an Android application, the answer will be Java is the best one. It depends but goes with some similarities and major differences between Java and C#.


Type-Safe: An error obtains when the data type of one object is wrongly assigned to another object. Both Java and C# shows the good result to ensure that error at compile time and an exception will throw out at the runtime.

Garbage Collection: Lower-level languages have memory management will be slow you can remember that properly deleted objects and free up resources. In Java and C# we don’t have this type of problem because garbage collection can remove the memory leaks.

Single Inheritance: Java and C# support single inheritance-that mean only a single path exists from any base class to any of it’s derived classes.

Major Differences

Supports for Delegates (Pointers): In C# we have pointers which essentially serve methods that called the target object without knowing the knowledge. We have to achieve the same knowledge in Java we need an interface with a single method depends on the application.

Checked Exception: C# has only one type of exception. While Java distinguishes between two types of exception-checked and unchecked.

Polymorphism: When coming to polymorphism Java and C# has different approaches. Java has polymorphism by default, C# must invoke “override” keyword in a derived class and “virtual” keyword in a base class. Finally the conclusion of this blog Java Vs C#: Which One is the Best? is based on our needs we can choose the required language but nowadays Java has a large platform. It is a big Industry. It’s very difficult to identify the which one is best. For more updates join Java Online Training

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