Java Vs C#: Which One is the Best
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Comparison Between Java vs C# is the Biggest argument, in Development Community From the past 5 years. Both Java and C languages have specific advantages, and disadvantages based on the requirement of a project. “C” Language may be hard to learn but, it provides a good Overview of programming Fundamentals. Java is the best programming language for OOP’s Concepts. It’s somewhat difficult to compare, which one is better. C Language is, mostly used in Web and iPhone applications, Java is used to make Android applications. Find out? in our blog, Java Vs C#: Which One is the Best?

Small Differences

In C Language, Data Hiding is Done by Static. In Java Data Hiding is Private. Default Members were Public in C and Private in java. We can not Do over Loading in C, but Java Supported by Overloading, used for Code Readability.

C has 32 Keywords and Go to Statements, Java has 50 Keywords and Go to Statements, are Not Supported in Java. Storage Class is Supported by C, but not by Java.

Java is Data Oriented Language, and C is Procedure Oriented Language.

C is Middle Level and Java is High-Level Programming Language.

Java changes the code to Byte code and byte code is executed in JVM. C converts code into the machine or system Language,

C Don’t have Inheritance, where Java contain Inheritance, used for Code Re-Usability.

In C Language we have to Declare variables, before the block, in Java we can declare variables anywhere.

Java Supports Threading and C Don’t support threading.

Java Don’t support Pointer and C Supports Pointers.

We can See Pre-processors in C, but not in java.

Java Vs C#: Which One is the Best?

If you are developing an application for a C# shop, then C# is the best one. If you are developing an Android application, the answer will be Java is the best one. It depends but goes with some similarities and major differences between Java and C#.



An error obtains when the data type, of one object, is wrongly assigned to another object. Both Java and C# shows the good result, to ensure that errors at compile-time and an exception will throw out at run-time.

Garbage Collection:

Low-Level languages have slow memory management, You properly remember deleted objects, and free up resources. In Java and C# we don’t have, this type of issues because garbage collection, removes memory leaks.

Single Inheritance:

Java and C# support single inheritance, that shows only a single path, exists from any base class too, any of it’s derived classes.

Major Differences

Supports for Delegates (Pointers):

In C# we have pointers which essentially, serve methods known as, target objects without knowing Data. We have to get Same Data in Java and need an interface with a single method, depends on the application.

Checked Exception:

C# has only one type of exception. While Java distinguishes between two types of exceptions-checked and unchecked Exceptions.


Coming to Polymorphism Java and C# has different approaches. Java has polymorphism inbuilt in its Design, C# must invoke the “override” keyword in a derived class, and “virtual” keyword in a base class.

What is C#?

Every language designed for some specific purpose. Take an example FORTRAN (Formula Translator), used for scientific and mathematical applications.

C# language was designed by Dennis Ritchie in 1970 at AT&T Bell Laboratories. C language was taken from the B language, which was written by Ken Thompson. C is a middle-level language.

It has the simplicity of high-level language, as well as the power of low-level language. This aspect of C makes, it suitable for writing both application programming and system programming in the same way.Java Vs C#: Which One is the Best

What is Java?

Java story was started in 1991. It was released by Sun Micro-Systems in the year 1995. James Gosling and others at Sun Micro-Systems, conceived a language for programming, Specifically in interactive TV systems. Especially, the Original name of Java is Oak.

Generally, It is a high-level programming language and runs on So many varieties of platforms. Since Java is an Object-Oriented Programming language, We can run Java programming Concepts on any platform. Java Functions on JVM.Java Vs C#: Which One is the Best


Finally the conclusion of this blog, Java Vs C#: Which One is the Best? We can choose any language. But Today, Java has Big platform, when we compare it with C Language. Moreover, It is very difficult to identify which one is the best.

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