Key differences between data Warehouses and data marts
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Listening of the two words Data warehouses and Data-marts were common in these days. Most of the people use one word instead of other. This problem occurs because of low command over the subject. But to be say frank, its applications were very close. Even though the application was closer they were some key differences between Data Warehouses and Data marts. So in this article, I going to explain to you the major difference between the two.

Basically, both the data warehouse and data mart are used for storing the data. But the time of usage of these two was different.

Before going to share the difference, Firstly  I would like to introduce what does it mean?

Data WareHouses :

Data warehouses manage and collect the data from varied sources to provide meaningful business insights.  In other words, it is a collection of data which is separated from operational systems and supports the company’s decision making. This is also used for getting the data from the historical perspective.  In a data warehouse, data is extracted from multiple sources. it is checked, cleaned and then the data is integrated with the data warehouse. Here once data is stored it can be used for the longtime retrieval.

So till now, we have seen about Data Warehouse. So let me explain you about the Data-marts

Data Mart :

A data mart is a single form of the data warehouse. It is focused on a single subject.  Here the data is extracted from a few data sources. These few may be internal operating system, (or) external data sources (or) central data warehouse.  In other words, it is an index and extraction system. It is an important subject of the data warehouse. The data marts are fast and easy to use and make the use of small amounts of data.

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Data warehouses VS. Data marts:

We basically see one difference between data  warehouse and datamart. Basically a  data warehouse is a database.  This dataware house store the information to satisfy the request. Whereas Data mart is a logical subset of the complete database. In other words, the data mart has a  limited scope when compared to the Data warehouse. Here the input budget is low

 Here Data contains summarized and selected data Additionally it could experience fragmentation

 Data Warehouses uses Fact constellation schema  Data marts uses Star schemaIt is very large and integrated and has a high risk of failureIt is easy to build and associated failure risk is also less .

Data Warehouse Data Mart
It is application independent It is specific to the decision support system application
Data  warehouse contains all the data in a single repository User area contains the Decentrally stored data


Data ware houses contains the data in detailed  fromat.
  The warehouse contains  slightly denormalized data Data Mart contains the  highly denormalized data Data  Warehouse the data follows the top- down approach Here the data  follows the  bottom-up approach It is flexible,  long –time existing nature It is restrictive, project-oriented and short time existence.
It takes the support of strategic decision It takes the support of the tactical decision
Designing process is difficult Designing process is easy
It may (or) may not use a dimensional model It depends on the dimensional model using the star schema

Key differences between data Warehouses and data marts

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