Keys to implement successful RPA
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As time passes on, technology increased enormously. In fact, today people were completely depending on technology.  For example, if they have seen the new thing, they would implement then and there. If it works,  they would like to automate the thig and search for the new thing. Moreover today many developers were not interested to do the regular (or) known task tasks. They were always interested to do the new things. But these people were successful in the development of new thing. But they were somewhat lag I automation. This is because of poor automation knowledge. so today, I would like to share the keys to implement successful RPA

A key is nothing but a loophole for the best implementation. It the developer knows it, he could successfully run the automation using the tools like PEGA. If you people were new to this tool, get the complete information at PEGA  at PEGA Online Training

Keys to implement successful RPA:

Do the research :

As informed to you before, today many developers when seen a thing they instantly try to implement the automation. But one thing developers need to remember that, all the processes do not support automation. so the people need to do the research to check whether the process supports the automation (or) not? So the developers need to check the following things before performing automation

Choosing the right technology to meet the organization specific needs

Creating a solid business case for RPA

Developing Return on  investment (ROI) metrics

Keys to implement successful RPA

Educate the people :

All the people In the organization will not be alike. Different people do have different mindsets. And the superior persons need to make the people regarding the need for and the advantage of RPA. Moreover, they should also make the people regarding where and when we need to do the automation. what are the pros and cons of the automation etc.

Determine which technology will work best :

In the IT industry, we do have many technologies. Each technology has its own demand. It means each technology has its own advantage. So among those many technologies, you need to choose the best one that exactly fit for the process. This is because each technology shows each unique response. Some technologies show a  positive response whereas some do not. So select the best technology that shows a positive response.

Keep it simple and modular :

RPA does not require to be complex. It builds bots as common and reusable objects.   For example, when we build a new process, we try to build as many generic components as possible. So that we can externalize all the variables and logic to minimize the failure points.

Don’t neglect data Security :

Today most of the people were busy in their work. They want to complete their work a much fast as possible.  And mostly concentrate on completing the work. They don’t concentrate on the security. But this security plays a major role while transferring the data across the network. Security less automation leads to unexpected results.  Moreover, these results may (or) may not get back.

Test  implementation regularly :

RPA work will not be done in a single instance. In fact, this RPA is not a one time job. We need to moderate the automated process every day. This because while running the process we may expect some bugs.  These bugs will lead to the unexpected results. So to avoid this problem, we need to implement the test regularly.

Develop a cross-functional center of excellence :

As days pass on demand for  RPA has increased enormously.  It has a use case in multiple scenarios. So in order to use it effectively and efficiently, a cross-functional center of excellence is necessary to share the experiences and benefits.

Along with this, there are many steps to be taken before implementing the automation.  So get those steps from real time experts through PEGA Online Course

Recommended Audience:

This course is for all audience those who are interested in working business development in any organization. Stakeholders, project managers and who can understand the basic core concepts of Pega marketing. It is used for Pega certified system Architects and providing Pega 7 related support in decision management.


Its good to have the basic fundamental knowledge on Html & XML and finally best to have the understanding of the logic to developers and must have some knowledge of object-oriented programming languages like Java or C++. Hence the class structure and inheritance used in the product.

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