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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
LOD Expressions in tableau

In tableau our goal is to make data analysis a pleasant experience. And To Find the number of customers ordered at particular time. To solve these problems tableau introduces LOD. This LOD concept makes tableau calculation simpler. This LOD runs complex queries into simpler one. Here you will get a clear idea about what is LOD Expressions in tableau? And Its role in Tableau. You can also learn more on tableau on tableau online training. For more updates of tableau follow onlineitguru.

LOD Expressions in Tableau

Level of Detail Expression allows computing values at the data source level. It provides a way to compute aggregations. There are mainly three types of LOD Expressions. They are tableau LOD Fixed, tableau LOD Include and Tableau LOD Exclude. In fixed LOD Expressions compute a value of specified dimensions. We can find the number of sales for each state & region.

Fixed level ignores all the filters in the view. Let us know how to implement Fixed LOD. First, create the formula field name as Regional sales. Next, Drag the region, state field to rows shelf. And drag the region field to color shelf.  This produces fixed value in different states. This is due to a fixed dimension as a region of sales. You can also see the image for a clear understanding of Fixed LOD. You can also learn LOD Expressions in Tableau online training. Follow onlineitguru for up-to date information on  Tableau.

In Include LOD the values are different for each state. It is mainly useful to calculate a detail in the database. Include LOD expressions compute values at specified dimensions. Field-based  change as you add or remove a dimension from view. There we can calculate the sum of sales per state. And Sub-category of products. Exclude LOD expressions explicitly remove dimensions from expression. It means they subtract dimensions from the view level. They are mainly useful for percent of total or difference from overall average. In Exclude Region sales are calculated for every month.

LOD Expressions in Tableau

Tableau mission is to see and understand the data easily. Some of the LOD Expressions in Tableau are here.

Customer order frequency

Finding the number of orders for each customer made is easy. But Finding Number of customers made one order or two orders?. It is somewhat difficult. Using LOD Expressions of tableau we can easily find it. Similarly, daily Profit KPI uses to view profit trends. There you find the number of profitable days. It allows creating bins on aggregate data. There you find data record at the transactional level. Thus it will help to find a number of days profitable. And number of days unprofitable.

Percent of Total

Here you find what each county’s revenue to global sales. We can color out by the contribution percentage of sales of each country. Using LOD Expressions you can filter the options easily. You can also find global contribution as well.

New customer acquisition

To find the new trends in data helps to understand marketing. A LOD Expression helps to find new customers. And a total number of a customer acquired per market per day.  

Conclusion: Thus by knowing the concept of LOD Expressions. You can analyze the data easily. We can Track the orders as per our requirement. You can also compare the data analysis at any time.

Recommended Audience

Data Scientists

Business Analysts

Project Managers

Software developers


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