Major difference between Python 2 & 3
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Today we will discuss Major Difference Between Python 2 & 3 and why some enterprises are shifting from Python 2 to 3? and a little bit history of Python 2 vs Python3. Let’s take a breath and come to this topic. Are you new to the Python? Are you confused about which version is better in present days? Here some experts say that Python series 2.x is an old version and now Python 3.x is the brand new series. Python 3 is a winner for new learners. Why because in Python 3 all standard libraries improvements available by default. And, it eliminates the quirks as many as possible. These are some reasons why Python 3 is easier for newcomers. There are still some reasons for picking up a Python 2. I will discuss below. This blog explains Major Difference Between Python 2 & 3.

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Before going to know the major differences between Python 2 & 3. I explain a small history of Python 2 vs Python 3. In 2000, Python 2.0 was released and then it’s new version is 2.7 in the year 2010. Python 3 release took place in 2010 and it’s new version 3.6 in 2016. And, 3.7 is currently developing. Still, some companies using Python 2 according to their project. A throwback to 2016, 71.9% of projects are going with Python 2.7. Coming to 2017, it fell to 63.7%. Particularly in 2018 Python 2.7 will retire. Take a look on Major Difference Between Python 2 & 3.

Major Difference Between Python 2 & 3

There are many differences between these programming versions but, we will go through major ones.

Different Libraries:

After coming Python 3, almost all developers are creating libraries. We can use those by default with Python 3. Likewise, Python 2 has several libraries which are not conflicting. But, some peoples are able to port 2.x library to 3.x library, this is very complicated. For Python beginners, Python 3 is very simple and easy to learn.

Integer Division:

In Python 2, we can write a number without any decimal point in that integer. That number will round to the nearest value. For example, If we type the expression 6/5 in Python 2 code. The output will be 1, not 1.2 what we expect. We want the exact value with a decimal point, we should have to write 6.0/5.0 in Python 2.

But, in the case of Python 3, we need not worry about this issue. It gives the exact result without adding extra zeros to the input values. For examples, If we type the expression 6/5 in Python 3 code. It will show the exact result of 1.2. This is the one reason why Python is easier for newcomers.Major difference between Python 2 & 3


In the Python 2 we can treat print as a statement and parenthesis are not compulsory in Python 2. In Python 3 print is treated as a function and we must place a parenthesis. Otherwise, it shows syntax error. For example, In Python 2 it is print “Hello world” but in the case of Python 3 (“Hello world”). For newcomers, it shouldn’t affect. But, Python 2 learners face little difficulty.


In Python 2, we have to mark a string with a “u”, If we want to store it as Unicode. Otherwise, it does not store the value as Unicode. Unicode code strings versatile than ASCII string. In Python 3, text strings are Unicode by default. More uses are there with Unicode. It stores the Roman Letters, foreign language letters, and numerals, emojis, symbols etc.,Major difference between Python 2 & 3

These are the major differences between Python 2 & 3. They are several differences take place but, we discuss only major ones. Now, I explain why companies are changing from Python 2 to Python 3. Take Facebook and Instagram those are shifting from Python 2 to Python 3.


Currently in the process of shifting their infrastructure and handlers from Python 2 to Python 3. Python 3 libraries are very easy means we do not maintain much code. We get live improvements.


The majority of the code is move from Python 2.7 to Python 3. By using the new version of Python, it gives a faster run-time.

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