Master Power BI as service in easy steps
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Power Bi has declared latest method to Interact and communications. With the power Bi by Implementing comments in Dashboard. In the past days, the method is to take screenshot and then we have to send them in Email. The latest update is that now you can easily add your comments to dashboards and certain visuals without going to the context. The most important part, that it can able to select other @ mention users in your company to get their presence. The @mention users can get emails and alerts on their mobile. If they Implement power bi app. If you need you can try by yourself also.start a project on your selected Dashboard and check your blog for latest Information so that you can Master Power bi As Service in easy Steps.

Master Power BI as service in easy steps:-

We have set total navigation feel in Power BI training and design it easy for you to get Access + Monitor for your business metrics by Implementing a user review of power BI global search and power bi home. In that Power Bi home, inbuilt landing page, which offers you just a single click access to whole content all in a single view. similarly The page implemented with so many sections and automatically populated for every single unique user by that you can Master Power bi As Service in easy Steps. And  there no need of tracing URL in your bookmarks each time of your Visit in Power Bi. In Power Bi we have option know as search, with this you can Search every content in your organisation.

Updating Capacity Metrics App:-

Especially When the App updated power Bi Increased the Power Bi Premium capacity app to attach latest metrics for checking queries with total latest Feel and look. With that including certain visibility of Data sets and refreshes. Now you have a latest tab for Query metrics. If company provided you the access of admin of low capacity. Now you have an option in installing the app.

So many things are there when you Master Power bi As Service in easy Steps.In the latest Power BI Desktop version we have so many options in power Bi service. The option available as preview that accepts you to unlock Data analysis on so many data sets. By optimizing Query work process and latest data in your Data set. You can go in to depth by advanced version of Data gateway. consequently Latest features can release it contains features like custom connector increase and public view of SAP BW and SAP HANA one sign on support. Improved set of Diagnostics and latest Mashup engine.

Latest Power Bi Engine availability:-

We have enlarged power Bi in to latest three regions that is Central India, Australia east and Central US it includes part to Master Power bi As Service in easy Steps. These are in addition with the 16 regions that offered in global user cloud. If you, the power Bi customer, you can fast Implement this by Moving your Power Bi. Think what is coming with Release notes of power Bi.

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Power BI came to know that many of its users to think what coming for Power Bi. So now you can Implement you movement and teach your users with the help of Power Bi Section in the company App notes. We provide, information about work process in coming three months. The app release notes updated in every week with transport Dates and latest announcements. In Recent history power Bi created certain features like secure embed codes and personal bookmarks.

Especially Personal bookmarks will initiate final users to get view of contains filters and the matter of visuals. It provide user friendly access. Users can start set of bookmarks and select any one of them as Default. By that bookmark applied every time when they come back to Report. Finally all above concepts will explain methods to Master Power bi As Service in easy Steps.

Recommended Audience:

Software developers

Database Administrators

Team leaders

System Admins


If you have knowledge of basic concepts power BI it is better. But it is not mandatory no problem Trainers of OnlineITGuru will teach you every topic of online education in a practical way. 

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