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Hi, I am Onlineitguru,Now I am going to Explain you about updated Technology of Microsoft that is Microsoft HDInsight, which is used for Processing Big Data. So what is Microsoft HDInsight it is enabled pay-as-you-go solution Which is cost-effective because there is no need for Installation and Configuration of Infrastructure. You can start and Configure a Hadoop Cluster in HDInsight when you want, and remove it when you don’t require it. HDInsights operates by Cluster of Azure Virtual Machines which will run the Horton works Data Platform, and it Integration Done by Azure Blob Storage.

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Data Storage and Implementation:

Big Data Solutions in most cases store data as Series of files placed within a Folder Design on disk, however, in HDInsight, these Files are located in Azure Blob Storage. As long as Hadoop considered, storage functions exactly the similar way as while using a fully HDFS Implementation.Okay then what is the advantage we will get by this means, you can access from anywhere using standard Azure blob storage tricks as well. A well as with the HDFS layer and the data can be continued in an opinion when the cluster is with drawn.

HDInsight also offers the slot to create a cluster that hosts the HBase data management system with open source. What is HBase, HBase is a NoSQL large Column, data quantity, implemented with a distributed system. That provides data Process management and storage over hundreds of nodes in Hadoop Cluster.

By this, you got some, knowledge about the Microsoft HDInsight. Now we will go Further for Data Processing.

What is Data Processing?

Big Data Typically stores data as a Sequence of files assigned with in a Folder Design on Disk. However, in HDInsight these files obtained by Azure blob storage. As long as Hadoop considered, storage operates Perfectly the similar way as when using an HDFS Implementation with Physical Activity. And the data can continue in an opinion when decommissioned.

Data Processing:

HDInsight gives support to so many of the Hadoop questions,modifications,and Analysis Tools, and, you can Install some Extra Tools and Requirements on an HDInsight Cluster if  wanted.

Models of the tools and utilities regularly  used with Hadoop-based answers as the following:


which allows you to cover a Design onto the data when you need to follow a query. And using a SQL language called Hive Ql for these Queries. For an Instance, you can use create table command to build a table by dividing the text strings into the data using one more character that separate Text strings.


which allows you to design schema onto the data when you to start and execute queries by texting scripts in a high-level language called pig Latin. Pig Latin procedure-oriented language that works relations by performing multiple Interrelated data Modifications that Encoded in a clear way as data flow sequences.

Map Reduce:

Using components written in Java and got output in Java and executed in Hadoop framework. As an ultimate, you can use the use the Hadoop streaming dashboard to execute map and decrease objects written in other query languages.


Is a Machine learning library which provides you to perform data Mining Queries that progress data files, to extract specific types of matter. For model, it helps recommendation mining,clustering, files, with same topic content. And Classification.


It is the real-time Computation system with a distributed processing system that which works faster,large streams of data. It allows you to build trees and to construct a cyclic graphs. The Real-time computation system for processing fast, huge streams of data. It  allows you to construct trees, shows directed analysis through online Machine Learning.

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Advantages Of Microsoft HDInsight:

1) No Hassle with Hadoop

2)Flexible and  Open Source

3)Complete Excel Insights

4) Build Big Data Apps Your Way

Recommended Audience:

Software developers

ETL developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s

Business Analyst

Get in touch with OnlineITGuru for mastering the Big Data Hadoop Online Training


Prerequisite for learning Big Data Hadoop. It’s good to have a knowledge of some  OOP’s Concepts. But it is not mandatory. Trainers of online guru will teach you if you don’t have a knowledge of those OOP’s Concepts.

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