Most Wanted Programming Languages in 2018

In 2018, many changes will take place and there is no better time to look back at 2017 and see what was, we already discussed in the previous blogs what is new in Java 10? and Best Java frameworks in 2018. These are the most important updates from starting of this year to till now. If anybody wants to know, those updates go through the previous blogs. Coming to the point, Let’s know what are the most wanted programming languages in 2018? Nowadays we have many programming languages in the market in that we discuss most wanted programming languages in 2018.

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Program: Program is a set of instructions that are executed by a machine to reduces the burden of a user.

Software: It is a collection of programmes, which can perform multiple tasks.

The software is classified into two types

System Software: The software which is designed to communicate with the hardware devices and make them work.

Simultaneously The system software is generally developed in languages like  C, C++,.Etc.

Examples: OS, Drivers, Compilers.

Application Software: The software which is designed to provide entertainment, do business, store data, perform calculations, generate reports etc. are called application software.

The system software generally developed in languages like  Java, .Net..etc.

Software development is a powerful field. The most wanted programming languages, technologies, and frameworks can come out, rise to fame, and then come away in the course of a few years. Developers have to learn continuously new skills to stay pertinent (relevant). At Coding Dojo, we are frequently assessing which programming language is the high range of demand from employers so that we should train the student to enter the job market. They are several ways to find the popularity of the programming language, but we trust investigate job demand is most useful why because it will show the developers skills to study to improve their career expectations.

We survey data from job sites on 25 programming languages, frameworks, and stacks to determine the most wanted programming languages as we move in 2018. The total process based on the number of job posting for each language. There we have some language like Ruby and Swift didn’t come a part of in wanted languages why because they have less job demand, even though developers like that languages. Now we discuss Most wanted programming languages in 2018.Most Wanted Programming Languages in 2018


Java most powerful language and you can use it everywhere. Java running 3 billion devices across the world no other language run like this, The Java released by the Sun MicroSystem in  1995. It almost 24 years old, used by the billions of devices and millions of developers and it can run any hardware and operating system through the JVM. When compared to 2017 Java decreased in popularity by about 6,000 jobs in 2018, but still very well-established. For backend development 500 companies use Java as a server-side language. Java 10 arrived recently you want to learn go through the previous blog.


Python is a higher programming language with dynamic semantics.  It another Object Oriented Programing language. It has as excellent string handling. Python also used as data mining, machine learning, and scientific computing. Compare to 2017 Python jobs grew 5,000 posting in 2018. The continued demand and growth for machine learning the popularity of Python will increase.


JavaScript mostly used as a part of web pages, it is a dynamic programming language. It is a like grandfather of programming languages. Mostly 80% of developers used and 95% of all websites are dynamic logic. JavaScript becomes popular anytime soon.


It an Object-Oriented Programming Language that inspected by best languages to creating large-scale applications. C++ change the popularity from 2017 to now.  C++ used for application software or system software, drives, developing the games and client-server applications.


C# slightly decreases in demand in this year compared to last year. Java known as Object-Oriented Programming language. C# 7.2 came out with adding a number of new features and removing unwanted copying. C++, C# both used for developing a video game. By learning these languages we will get a good result.

If you learn the above languages, you will be the good position in your future. But I know this not complete list what I have in my mind. I hope guys you get some idea from this blog. For more updates and information get touch with us.

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