Mule Architect and Integration Certifications
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Architects makes vital role in developing software, they will have good technical knowledge. They have Important Responsibilities. In integration Projects such as giving technical guidance to teams. Moreover Architects have responsibilities to Recognize Business Requirements. As well as they have to design total systems based on company needs.In a single point we can say that architects play a vital role. equally to achieve the companies Digital Transformation and success. In the first place we have got some Information on Mule Architect and Integration Certifications.

so to explain the Difference in roles architects. can travel on their path , and correspondingly mulesoft is releasing two certifications :-

1) Mulesoft Certified Platform Architect-level 1

2) mulesoft certified Integration Architect- level 1

Now if we go in to deep , comparatively we will see what is mulesoft Certified Platform Architect – level 1 ?

similarly, It is a online exam conducted by mulesoft and it has 58 multiple choice questions.

In the first place techie who wants to write this exam, additionally should have a knowledge on mulesoft certificationAny point Platform Implementation and Technically good.

By the same token This exam can validate the candidate strength to Any point platform. And he has to know how to choose the right Integration styles. how to build and document any type of company Integration Architecture. He has to know to design the updated Integration solutions in mulesoft. As a matter of fact we got to know Mule Architect and Integration Certifications.Mule Architect and Integration Certifications

learning paths :-

mulesoft strongly prefer that, the techies who are preparing to write the exam. should follow some learning paths of mulesoft. And also they have to prefer online training of mulesoft. To learn topics in depth . In the same fashion we learned Mule Architect and Integration Certifications.

You have a option to connect with mule architects and Developers on the Mulesoft Forum. if you want to get a advice on what topics you have to read to qualify the exam .

Application Networks of Any point platform and its architecture :-

Application Network has ability to connect to applications,data and devices. In Eco systems using APIs. The online training provides information about how to develop an effective Application Network from an Integration solutions.

solution Design for Any point platform Architecture :-

uniquely The online training course teaches lead and senior developers to design. Company Integration solutions for Mule Run time . It is constructed on developing and moving Mule applications.correspondingly it targets on giving the knowledge to do. Design authority and architecture about solutions instead of an Implementing Details. Correspondingly we have seen Mule Architect and Integration Certifications

Learning Paths of Mulesoft are Divided Into these many types :-

1) Developer

2)IT operations

3)SI Partners




now we will about each learning path , going with the first one

1)Developer learning path : –

Together with you have to get started with Any point platform and Dev fundamentals or we call them as Dev Fundamentals. Exam type is Integration and API Associate.

2)IT operations :-

More over In the same fashion you have to Install any point studio and Any point platform with Cloud hub and API management.

Equally Important that Supporting Deployment of Integration and API implementation and API proxies for the cloud .

In the same fashion Any point platform operations with customer hosted run times. and operations API Management.

3)SI Partners :-

uniquely System Integrator learning paths are for sales teams and marketing teams. or a manager or architect who requires training on sales.

As a matter of fact If you are developer and if you want to run a business and if you are responsible for running that business . In Addition if you turn your business into code form. and trouble shooting Integrations,unit testing and deploying.

4) Architect learning Paths :-

Direct the application and application network for Individual Integration solutions in an organization.Identically Making company Integration solutions for Mulesoft run-time . Make and move of Integration solutions that which are needed for an application network. on the organization.

5) manager learning paths :-

Equally you have to understand ,how you can get success with an API led strategy by using the any point platform. and you have to understand the crucial role , that API plays now a days . Identically correspondingly we came to know Mule Architect and Integration Certifications.

Recommended audience:

Software developers



Non-technical people


It is better is have basic knowledge of Java Programming concepts. In addition with some basic formats like XML, CSV, JSON. typical integration technologies .HTTP, JMS, JDBC, REST and SOAP. Having these basic skills is not compulsory. Trainers will teach you if you don’t have knowledge of the above-mentioned technologies. They will teach you each and every topic in a practical way by using mulesoft Instance. finally Master in Mule soft through MuleSoft training.


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