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The word DevOps is a combination of two words namely development and operations. In other words. It is enterprise for software development process for software, mainly used for establishing the relationship between Development and IT operations. The goal of DevOps is to change and improve relationships between two units. Today DevOps became major tool in IT industry. It used in 60% of IT industries which likely to increase more.  This shows how DevOps is a part of IT industry. When there is a need to respond quickly to market demands for software and solutions updated regularly within business. In recent years. It has good success history from past few years and let us know its aim for 2018.

Devops as a Security tool:

Till now DevOps plays a major role in Development department of IT industry. In coming years, it suppose to increase its usage for security purpose. This means that security departments not only involved in development purposes. Security, most important and much profitable to business. By this, architecture is redefined and threats caught, if the errors present in current tool. OnlineITGuru explains you how security is used in DevOps.

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Devops in IOT services:

Especially As technology is increasing day to day, demand for hardware manufacturers has  increasing day-to-day. Software is a internal product in manufacturing hardware. Devops integrate with business model making. It is necessary to continuously work on both hardware and software designs. Tesla worked on this namely, developing not only cars but also the software required for that. It has an ability to provide continuous updates on their products which recall all past updates. Not to mention this provides a turning point in IOT industry enabling better products and improved communication among multiple devices. User demand for regular update on IOT devices was mandatory.

Monitoring is a new way of Testing:

Generally It is not possible to practically test all the uses or live scenarios in advance.  We may get errors when that situation came into a live scenario. So monitoring, is an alternate solution instead of testing all these. In monitoring, we observe all those scenarios lively and if we struck up with a problem it handled instantaneously for continuous transformation.

Kurbnetes as a Service:

A project handled by several companies and all the companies provide cloud services on the top of the operating system.  Additionally, the extension, added for easy running of applications in cloud. The major cloud services AWS, Microsoft Azure, provide Kubernates as a service in cloud. Because of it, we expect more integration among these cloud service providers with external tools. This general adoption provides an easier adoption of monitoring, logging and metric study with company.

 Operating System will replaced:

The existing operating system replaced by new operating system, which contains a function to run containers in Kubernetes cluster. Devops tied up with more industries. Its going to Security area as well as product monitoring and standardization of  Kubernetes in cloud computing. IT team no need to work but also smart in order to manage new technologies. In future Kubernetes going to one of best methods in which companies manage container cluster, at a scale to ensure continuous delivery and integration within an organization.

Employment  of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning:

With this employment of this, it not only provide a solution for the problem but also let you know where the code needed. Developers must think how AI, responsible for providing solution over SDLC.

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Start Learning DevOps by understanding principles and tools. You have to learn and Implement them. It’s a bit easy for CS background people to pick up when compared to other branches.  But anyone master it with proper learning and training.

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