what is Oracle Stream Explorer
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Oracle Stream Explorer is updated tool which is used for event Processing Technology Platform. The oracle Stream explorer provides business Needs of the users. This tool will detect Real time threats and opportunities in their company and modify the efficiencies of their Business. Oracle stream explorer helps in Increasing operational and Functional Efficiencies of business with perform able visualizations from updated Data. Therefore
In the first place we can see the Importance of Oracle Stream Explorer.

The oracle Stream Explorer gives attention Combination of a simple visual open space. Therefore this is for Designing and changing real time event processing Applications.Oracle Stream Explorer

Oracle Stream Explorer


Consequently, Oracle stream Explorer works on Oracle Event Processing Server. This server has oracle Stream Explorer Visualizer. Oracle stream Explorer uses same type of users in the Visualizer. Oracle online training Stream Explorer starts speed Data and Internet of Things (IOT). Consequently Giving perform able Visual Insights and increasing value on so many volumes.it will start Business Intelligence by Spreading business logic on Network Page. Especially Oracle Stream Explorer is Important for Running Apps.

Therefore Oracle Stream Explorer can operate on following works on the Higher Level.

  • Running Applications
  • Building Applications
  • Creating Applications


Accordingly, Oracle Stream Explorer needs oracle stream Explorer with Event Processing to be top and operating. It operates on Oracle Event Processing 12.1.3 Version. And Hence it is Included in oracle cep.

Oracle Stream Explorer needs 7.0 and updated Versions.

Supporting Browsers:-

1) For the most part Google Chrome

2) Likewise Safari

3) Lastly Mozilla Firefox and Hence it doesn’t support on Internet explorer.


To begin Oracle stream Explorer is not an old BI tool. It is designed to implement on live Streams.

It can Design any Real Time Applications faster for any Industry.

As an example, it makes simple for Event Processing Technologies.

Connect to Live Streams and Explores in Real time Scenario.

Identifies opportunities in Data when it is in Streaming mode.

Event Processing is hard to understand for non-technical people. Hence so it made it made Event Processing Simple.

It points the Business and not technical Field

As an example it, Provides a Clean Design and more Document able scene especially to create applications.

Goes with pattern path. This Advantages are known for oracle Stream Analytics.

Users of Oracle Stream Explorer:-

1) Generally Business People

2) In addition to Business Integration Experts.

Use cases:-

Supply Chain:-

Ability to trace Shipments in Practical Time and detecting Delays when they arrive. Especially In addition supply chains is most Important factor in Oracle Stream Explorer.

IT systems:-

Accordingly,It can Detect Failed apps and Servers in practical time and Therefore we
have them with proper Measures.


Consequently,In communication with Oracle systems. Hence it has ability to trace Fraud claims.


Especially It has ability to detect Geographical Information. Hence it alerts proper resources to notify in emergency time.


It has Ability to Design passenger notifications and trace location in flight due to Airport Security and Crew Operations. Especially As an example oracle stream Explorer is advantageous to Transportation.

Financial Services:-

Incidentally Able to Capitalize on buying opportunities that can find in microsecond and Mlle Second windows. It has an Ability to work on Real time Risk analysis. Subsequently Reporting finance securities and calculating the Foreign Exchange Price.


For instance it Able to operate on Real-time call Detail and Record and Spread stooping of Service attack Detection. Singularly Communications are main purpose is Especially to Implement the Functions of Oracle Stream Explorer.

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Operating with Streams:-

Consequently.chapter contains the following sections:

  • Deleting a Stream.
  • Marking a Stream as Favorite
  • Restoring a Stream
  • Editing a Stream
  • Creating a Stream
  • Understanding Streams

Understanding Streams:-

Accordingly,An Event Stream is known for Event Processing adapter node and oracle stream Analytics. In this oracle stream, an Event stream is known for receiving events from outside.Subsequently We have Different Stream Types based on types of communication. Or messaging platforms Especially like kafka, JMS, REST.


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Recommended Audience:

Software developers

Project Managers

Team leaders

Databases Administrators


In order to pursue this course, There is nothing additional prerequisites required. Its good to have a basic knowledge of programming languages like JAVA and some databases like MySQL. But not mandatory. Trainers of OnlineITGuru will teach you from the basics.

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