Reasons to change from Cognos TM1 to Analytical Local
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Business Intelligence plays a major role in the market. BI is responsible to identify the current business trends and add new techniques to the currently existing model. It is completely responsible to say regarding the future of the business. One the those BI tools is Cognos Powered by IBM. This Cognos is available in various Formats like Cognos, Cognos TM1 and so on. These flavors of Cognos vary because of the upgrade of new features to the Existing Tool. Previously people used the Cognos TM1. After that, they would like to move to Analytical Local. Do you know why? Moreover, Do you know what lacks in Cognos TM1?Read the complete article to know the reasons to change from Cognos Tm1 to Analytical Local.

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Cognos TM1 has a rich variety of users when compared to Cognos. Even this Cognos TM1 provides you the rich variety of users, we cannot able to complete some task with this version of Cognos. Moreover, developers usually check for the work-space features. Moreover, people usually move to the work-space which has a best UI and features in the market. One of the reasons to change from Cognos TM1 to Analytics local is a work-space.

Reasons to change from Cognos TM1 to Analytics Local:

Till now I have explained you the problems of Cognos TM1. Now let me explain to you how these problems have been solved in Analytics Local.

Work-space :

This is one of the major reason to change from Cognos TM1 to Analytical Local. The work-space provided in this tool is an advanced version of the Cognos TM1 with an added advantages. One the most advantages in this Work-space is several levels. The interface of this Work-space is liked by many developers. This interface Is liked because of the rich variety of charts, scorecards, images, shapes, text, and videos. Quick searching and snap commanding is one more feature for the people to like.

The work-space in this area rich . Moreover , here we can gather the data from different forms into a single view using the new viewer (or) web sheets (or) charts . Additionally one more advantage of this Work-space, we can combine from all data sources and can be viewed as a single form of tile (or) list (or) slider. Moreover, here we can filter the data from rich books as per your requirement. Buttons in this area play a major role in filtering the data as per the client requirement.Reasons to change from Cognos TM1 to Analytical Local

Additionally, it also supports analysis, reporting, and write-back. With this feature, it is easy to convert the data exploration into the chart. And this chart is used for the converting the data exploration into the chart. With this charts both authors and consumers to create highly interactive workbooks. Finally, this work-space is mobile, where you can create and use workbooks even in your iPad.

Hierarchies :

Basically, hierarchy represents the way the destination from the link. In today’s IT world, we have several hierarchies to extract the data from a particular topic. The data that the end user explores will be several different forms. For example customers, products, projects, programs . With this hierarchy, the capability of fetching data is not limited to the certain task like Cognos TM1

Planning Analytics for Excel (PAx):

In today’s environment, the data that we were getting is huge. The huge data that we express is in several forms. One of these various forms is Excel. Today we were experiencing the bulk amount of data from Excel. So we need to a tool that can add this data to the database. This database would be handled by Cognos tool.

PAx has several integration points with work-space, cube viewer and Set editor. This PAX has four models of interaction :Reasons to change from Cognos TM1 to Analytical Local

Exploration of Slice/dice/pivot analysis

Quick reports for the fast worksheet design

Dynamic reports for row interactivity

Custom reports for highly formatted forms and reports

Recommended audience :

Software Developers

Project managers

Database Administrators

Prerequisites :

There were nothing many prerequisites required to purse the Cognos TM1 online courses. It good to have a basic knowledge of one of the programming languages like C, Java, Python. And one basic idea of storage programming like SQL, but not mandatory. trainers of OnlineITGuru will teach you from the basics if you do not have knowledge through Cognos tm1 training.

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