I Hope you people think that the writer has mad after reading the title.  If you think so, you have mistaken. Moreover, my intention mentioned above is clear and has a meaning. Do you want to know the secret behind the title? Read the complete article carefully to know the Role of Cucumber in Ruby on Rails.

Before going to know the Role of Cucumber in Ruby on Rails, I would like to introduce What is BDD Framework and Its application in Ruby On Rails.And then ill  explain the  Role  of Cucumber in Ruby on Rails


BDD stands for Behaviour Driven Development.

We know that Developers used to develop the code continuously. When these people have a proposal regarding the new piece of code, he used to develop the test cases of all the scenarios for the model, he used to prepare. This BDD test case is used to analyze the various behavior of all the all the test cases of the developed code.Its major application is,  it gives test first environment for the environment and then the generated application code turn to be bug-free. It is somewhat similar to TDD with slight differences.   Let us have a look regarding the differences between those two.

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Test cases were written in a plain descriptive English type  Grammar

The test is explained as a behavior of the application and more user-focused

This BDD has two ends namely

            Document – This contains the feature file which is been accessed by all the people in the organization. This is used to write the test automation steps (or) acceptance tests. Moreover, this file is used as a live document. All these files end with .feature extension.

            Code –  This contains the technical specifications of the system

This popular tool used for used for Unit level test cases and especially for UI level test cases. Popular tools like RSpec( Ruby ) (or) in.Net like Mspec (or)  Spec Unit is the most popular unit testing following the BDD approach.

Before going to know the Role of Cucumber in Ruby on Rails Let me introduce you What is Cucumber?


Cucumber is BDD  testing framework. It is used to define application behavior in a meaningful  English grammar using a plain grammar.  This grammar is defined by a language called Gherkin. Basically, cucumber itself is written in Ruby.  This framework is used to test the code written in  Ruby (or) other languages, but not limited to python (or) c (or) java.  The major advantage of this language is that functional validation in this framework is easily readable and understandable format like English.Moreover, this framework can also be used in Selenium, Watir etc. Additionally, it supports languages like PERL, PHP etc. This framework is basically intended to capture the behavior of the system under given circumstances and the system  response back to  it

Cucumber test was performed by adding the features.  Each test may contain several features.  Likewise, each feature consists of several scenarios.

Let me explain you  clearly  by taking the example :

Feature: Addition

Scenario:  Adding  two numbers

Given the input is “5+5”

When the calculator is run

Then the output should be “10”

The above example gives you the functionality and the purpose of various applications under test.

As mentioned above, in a valid gerkhin,  a feature must be followed by one of the following

               Scenario: Each scenario is the single concrete example of how a system should behave in a  particular situation,  The scenario is said to pass if the system behaves as described in the scenario, else it is considered to be failed. The architecture is shown belowRole of Cucumber in Ruby on Rails

            Scenario outline:  This comes into existence when same tets has to be performed with different data set.

                 Ex: Login functionality with a different set of username and password

             Background: Whenever a test case is supposed to be repeated in several Scenarios, then this will be written in the background.

Hope my dear readers, you got a clarity regarding the Role of Cucumber in Ruby on Rails

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