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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Role of JPA in creating the applications

Today development of small applications especially front-end applications is a cake walk. But we cannot complete the applications only with the front end. There are some case, where there is a need to integrate both front end and back end of the application. In such case complexity of a project can be found. As everybody knows Java is king of all programming languages. And most of the application in the last decade were written in JAVA. Like JAVA apps, SQL is another application this is used for storing all the data effectively. But the syntax of these two was different. So we need a tool like JPA that connects both the front end and back end of the application.  Do you know the role of JPA in creating the applications? Read the complete article to Know the details

JAVA Persistence API ( JPA ) is a collection of classes and methods to persistently store the vast amount of data in the database. Basically, Java developers write a lot of code (or) use some other propertionery frameworks,  to interact with the database. This may cause some errors in writing the code and need some more time to fix all those bugs. So it’s a good option to use JPA Repository to connect both the front end and back end of the application. Its major intention is to map the JAVA classes to the relational tables. And the properties of those classes to the rows in the table. In other words, JPA describes the relational data management in JAVA application. Some of the popular implementations are Hibernate JAVA, Eclipse link, Apache open JPA. JPA defines the metadata via annotation in JAVA classes (or)  XML configuration files.

JPA implementation :


Due to red hat, among all JPA implementations, it is the most popular and most advanced tool. In addition to the JPA tutorial Implementation. It uses its own tweaks and adds some features. Basically, this has a large community of users and is well documented. Some of its additional features are a multi-tenancy, time stamp management and so on.

Eclipse link :

It is based upon the top link and is a reference implementation of JPA versions. Apart from some interesting proprietary features, it provides a standard JPA functionalities.

Now let us have a look over the architectures.

Role of JPA in creating the applications:

Before going to know about its architecture, let us first discuss

What is POJO?

POJO stands for the plain Old JAVA Object. It is used to describe the same things as normal things.  It is used to describe the class and does not require to be sub class of anything .

JPA Architecture :

The architecture is divided into three phases.

Phase 1 :

The first phase is called the object data. And this usually contains the Pojo Classes,  service interfaces and normal classes .it is the main business component layer. It has business logic operations and attributes.

Phase 2 :

The second phase is known as mapping (or) persistence phase , This contains the JPA provider,  mapping file, JPA loader and object grid. Role of JPA in creating the applications

JPA provider :

This basically contains the JPA flavor. For example, eclipse link , hibernate, top link etc . 

Mapping file :

The mapping file (ORM.xml ) contains the mapping configuration between the data in pojo class and the data in the relational data base. Finally learning about Role of JPA in creating the applications

JPA loader :

This loader works like a cache memory .This can load the relational grid data .It works like copy of data base to interact with POJO data service class. ( POJO class data attributes).

Phase 3 :

This is a relational database. It contains the relational data. And it is logically connected to the business component . at the time of committing the data, it is used to store the data base physically. Until then in the cache memory modified data is stored .

So like it connects both the front end and back end of the application . SO you people have got an idea regarding the Role of JPA in creating the applications . For best training on JAVA visit JAVA Online Training

Recommended  Audience :

Software developers

Project Managers

Team leaders

Prerequisites :

There are nothing much prerequisites requires in order to pursue the JAVA COURSE. It good to have a basic knowledge of C / C++. But not mandatory. Trainers of OnlineITGuru will teach you from the basics if you don’t have a knowledge of these concerts