Roles and Importance of Business Analyst in IT Field
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For the people who were new to IT field, the Business Analyst seems to be new.Moreover, many people did not know who is Business Analyst and what are his/ her responsibilities in the Organization.  But this person plays a major role in organizations.Today in this article, I would like to know the roles and importance of Business Analyst in IT field.

Before going to know the importance of business Analyst in IT field, let me introduce you who is Business Analyst?

A Business Analyst is a person who takes the responsibility of understanding business needs and assessing the impact of those changes to the end users. Moreover this person documents and supports the communication and delivery of requirements with relevant stakeholders.

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The Business Analyst plays a major role in the organization. He is responsible for taking any step for the development of the organization. Moreover, this person is responsible for the rise (Or) fall of the organization. But unfortunately, the roles and importance of Business Analyst in IT Field have not been recognized. It has been mostly recognized by the Western countries.

This Business Analyst acts a bridge between business ideas and business capabilities and also creates the scope of those changes to the Business environment.This Business Analyst regularly appraises the performance. Some of them include the reviews that are visible to the customer.

The basic role of the Business analyst is to define their business needs and extract the requirements that must be delivered. The major agenda of Business Analyst is to make all the requirements available to the end users irrespective of implementation of a new project.Additional they also think that what were additional factors that were missing and what need to be added in order to fulfill the new requirement

Roles and importance of Business Analyst in  IT field :

And many people usually ask what are the roles and importance of Business Analyst in It Field?  The answer to this question is quite difficult. Because Business Analyst doesn’t involve in single activity rather this person involves in multiple activities.As a Business Analyst, this person needs to interact with various stakeholders and has to merge all the ideas of different stakeholders in one project.

So in order to get the best growth for the business, the Business Analyst try to implement the best practices . some of them includes the Strategic planning. This implementation of strategic planning is the step in playing the major roles and importance of Business Analyst in IT field. Let us know briefly about strategic planning

Strategic Planing :

A strategy is simply an action built for the purpose of achieving a  set of goals within a definite time at the time of operation of organizational framework.

A strategy is basically comprised of three days .let we discuss each of them in detail

            Diagnosis:  What are the problems that it was going to address? How do these visions and missions imply for this actions?

        Guiding Policy: What was the problem that it was going to solve through this approach.

               Actions Plans: How do these processes solve the problem. How do these processes suitable for the development of the business etc …..

Strategic Analysis is the examination of the business condition where the association works itself for the formulation of the technique.

With strategic Analysis, people usually get answers to the following questions

  1. Identification and evaluation of data relevant to the strategy formulation
  2. Definition of internal and external links needs to be analyzed.
  3. A range of analytical methods that can be applied In the analysis.

Roles and Importance of Business Analyst in IT Field

With all the above mention features a Business Analyst adapts a new plan for the development of the business. I Hope you got an idea regarding the roles and importance of Business Analyst in IT field.

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Recommended Audience:

Software Developers

System Admins

Non- technical students

Who has the good analyzing  capability

Prerequisites :

There is nothing much prerequisites required in order to pursue a Business Analyst Course.Its good to have a basic knowledge of Excel and some analytical skills.But not mandatory.Trainers of OnlineITGuru will teach you from the basic if you don’t have that knowledge.

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