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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Salesforce declared to launch data localization

Salesforce is one of the powerful cloud service providers since 2001. It started with a small capital of $120. As time passion, the demand for this cloud service has increased step by step.  In the year the company expects to have  $8.39 billion capitalization's. And it expects to have $13.8 billion in the year 2018. So by this, we can expect that this Salesforce has a great future in the IT market. This is because they were adding the new features to the people frequently. And people were adopting this cloud service due to its latest service. And today, it announced that salesforce declared to launch data localization. This is because every government would like to establish their data center in their country. This makes the nation the nation independent in most of the situations

And according to the recent statistics, it openly declared that the customers were increased by  100 % for every year. And likewise, the data generated by every country has increased day to day. So today, the Indian government has decided to maintain their own data location with the country. And the all transactions happened by the Indian customers must be stored in dedicated servers. But this was data location place is not yet decided today. But today salesforce declared to launch data localization.

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Salesforce declared to launch data localization

And the sales force, CEO has declared that it a good option to maintain the own data center in India. This makes much and more data security. And they added that they have one branch in Australia and suppose to launch the launch another in India. And in India, the salesforce has located in Hyderabad. This branch has 1000 employees and supposed to double in the next five years.

After today's meeting, salesforce declared that it was the first time for the Indian government to talk about the security. Besides the salesforce, SEO said, I would like to appreciate Indian government to have a good decision for the purpose of security. And in the further meeting, they would like to discuss where and when they start the project. And the CEO added that, if you want to get the best business in the market, you need to have your data localization. Moreover, the Salesforce CEO expects that it was going to be discussed in the Winter sessions of the Indian parliament.

 So we have been using the word data localization so far. But actually

What is data localization?

It is the act of storing the data on any device. This data is physically presented within the borders of every country. In other words, all the data in the server has generated by that country only. Salesforce declared to launch data localization.

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The main intention of salesforce data localization is to obstruct the transfer of all the personal data. Moreover,  the Indian asks the salesforce CEO to provide the live copy of all the data generated by all companies in India. And in April, banking regulator RBI has also mandated that all the Indian payment transfers should be stored in  Indian servers only. Additionally, it has fixed a deadline of October 15. And they added that customer experience today plays a major role. Moreover, personalization is becoming a key. And finally, they added, Salesforce is not only in IT but also in the different sectors like Banking.

So by this, we came to Know that Salesforce has a good future in the IT industry.  Knowledge on it is essential these days. It means, in future, it may be one and only most powerful cloud service provider. Salesforce declared to launch data localization.

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