SQL server Integration service is the platform of Microsoft, which is used for developing enterprise-level data integration and data transformation solutions. You can use integration methods to solve, critical business issues by saving and downloading your files, by pinging the email messages in response to all starting events, updating your data warehouses, removing unwanted data .and managing all data in SQL Server objects. The packages provided by SQL can perform alone or in collaboration with the other Packages to find other complex business needs. Integration Services can pick the data and change data from a large model, of sources such as XML data Files, Flat Files, and relational Data Sources and it loads the data into single or multiple Destinations.

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Considering MSBI for 64-bit Integration Services

64 bit run time of Integration Services

1) The dtexec utility (dtexec.exe)

2) The dtutil utility (dtutil.exe)

3) The SQL Server Export and Import Wizard (DTSWizard.exe)

Integration services for International Services

It supports promoting Multi-language data around the world,it provides options for sorting and comparing string data.

The SSIS transformations are used for text mining and fuzzy matching. however, these integrations will work with non- English languages also.

Text mining       

The transformation used for text mining is Term lookup and term extraction, this will use their own Dictionary. This dictionary only available only in the English language. Microsoft supports transformations only with the English language.

Fuzzy Matching

Fuzzy matching contains fuzzy grouping and Fuzzy Lookup. This type of matching is used for multiple long words, separated with white characters or logographic languages like Chinese. To know more about Fuzzy matching .

SSIS Architecture

SSIS Designer

It is a graphical tool used to maintain Integration Service Packages, it is also available in business Intelligence Development.

Runtime Machine

This machine saves the runtime packages of Integration Services, and gives supports for logging, breakpoints, configuration, connections, and transactions.

Tasks and Executables

This contains custom tasks that you develop, these are integration services with runtime feature, includes runs packages, and provides support for logging, endpoints and configuration connections, transactions.

Data Flow Machine and Data Flow Components

It provides an in-memory buffer that sends data from source to endpoint, and calls sources that upload data from files and related databases, it manages the transformations that modify data and end points that load data or make data available to another process. You can include custom components in the data flow.


In SSIS API is the managed application programming Interface, for starting custom components for use in packages like load,run,manage packages. The developer can implement custom applications using Common Language Runtime (CLR) Complaint Language.

 SQL Server Import and Export Functionality

It can copy data from the data source for a managed .NET Framework data provider; it gives you simplest way to start Integration service packages, that copy data from a source to destination.

Architecture of Integration Services Packages                  

The package itself is the unit that executes its work retrieves and saves the data. It is the most important object.

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Control flow properties

It prepares and copy the data and interacts with all another process, it specifies the conditions for executing tasks.

Connecting managers

These connection managers get in connection with different types, of data sources it loads the data and extracts the data.

Event handling

It runs with response to the running time events that packages tasks and containers rising.

Log providing

It gives support to the logging of package run-time information,such as start time and end time of the packages and its own tasks and containers.

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SSIS updates

SQL Server 2016 announced,the SQL Server Integration Services Database Package (SSISDB) Upgrade Wizard. This tool Starts IT pros to update the Catalog when this catalog is older,than the current version of SQL Server. It can use in some recovery situations. The SSISDB Wizard updates the catalog,Data Base to match any version of SQL Server is Used.

It enables admins to accept the SSIS catalog database to an AlwaysOnAvailabilityGroup, it also includes advanced package managements where admins can save a container or a control Flow task as a recycle template through Integration services and it also contains SSIS feature pack for azure cloud and data Sources that are located on premises.

Connections for SSIS 2016

 1) SAP Business Warehouse for SQL Server 2016

2) Connector version 4.0 for Oracle

3) Connector Version 4.0 for Teradata.

4) Connector for Analytics Platform System Application update

Microsoft SSIS 2016 features


Project development over time

Column name Report Customize log levels

Template Packages.

Always on support.

Max buffer Size Automatic.


Storage Connectors with Azure.

Tasks on HDInsight.

Connectors with HDPS.

Hadoop Task management.

Connectivity Expanded.

Run Analytics with R on SQL.


Support in SSDI.

Designer Improved.

SSDT Unified Install.

Catalog view Improved.

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SQL SERVER version 2017

It brought a new feature called Scale-Out, for SSIS, which makes SSIS to perform easier on Multiple machines.Admin can remove one point of failure for the entire Scale-out Deployment, also includes improvements to the failure of handling of the Executing logs from Scale-out Workers. The Execution local disk if the scale out worker quit suddenly.

SSIS Supports Every User

SSIS is a Specific version, so everyone who is using SSIS,should have all the versions of SSIS that matches their SQL Server Edition and it does not support in SQL Express or Workgroup Editions. Users should buy standard business Enterprise Editions,to get the SSIS designer and runtime Components as well as basic data profiling tools .updated transformations are only available in the Enterprise Edition

Integration Services Includes Business tools for Implementing, performing, and managing all the packages. You have a great feature to use Graphical Integration Service Tools to start solutions without writing a single line of Program. You can create Extensive Integration Services object model to start packages by coding.

 Advantages of SSIS:

1) SSIS provides transformation functions.

2) Data can be uploaded in a parallel way too many destinations.

3) It works with Microsoft visual studio and SQL Server.

4) Easy to maintain all the package configurations.

Recommended Audience:-

1) Developers.

2) Project Managers.

3) Analytical Professionals.

4) ETL Professionals.

5) People who are Interested in Maintaining the Data.


It is good to Have Knowledge on Data Bases. But it is Not Mandatory and there is no necessity for the Knowledge of Programming Language.

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