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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Steps to become a perfect iOS developer

IOS  is the mobile operating system. It is created and developed by apple. its initial release is  29 June 2007. It is currently available in 40 languages. ios writes in C++, objective c and swift languages. Its latest version is 12.1. it is released on September 17  2018. some of the important features in iOS 12 are Siri works on low power mode, QR code scanner in control center. In this article, I am demonstrating about Steps to become a perfect iOS developer. Follow iOS online course for updated information on IOS  and IOS app development.

Steps  to become a perfect  IOS developer

Buy a Mac and iPhone

For any  ios developer, MAC will be the main working tool. But you don’t have to go for the most expensive one .choose  MAC as according to your budget. Buy I Phone as your choice.

Install  Xcode 

Now in the second step is to install the Xcode software. X CODE is your IDE.IDE means  Integrated Development Environment. IDE uses for making iOS Apps. It is a free tool you can download from the MAC store.

Start your coding

This is an important step for any developer. First, learn the basics of programming. If you have learn programming concepts.  Its easy for you. You can either pick Objective C or Swift. Among two Swift is easier than Objective c. For a junior level of position, you should know the syntax. You should have a foundation in objects, Data types, collections, JSON. Learn to know about the basics of object-oriented concepts. And Finally know what is class, what is an object and how to write methods. The more you practice the more you learn.

Learn  iOS

If you want to become a professional  IOS developer. you should learn Steps to become a perfect iOS developer. By learning IOS you can able to create build views. You can handle user interaction via controls like buttons, switches, and sliders etc. We can also able to display data in a table view. You can create alert boxes, handle navigation and transition between views. You can also  follow IOS Online training classes.

Create  a few  simple apps  from step by  step  tutorials

You can learn to create apps step by step manner in iOS Online Training. Here you can build your app easily within a short span of time. Watch the videos completely and practice it. First design simple apps like a calculator, music player, photo editor etc. then you will get an idea of how to build an app and aware of all the concepts. So you can focus on creating your own app.     

Start your own Custom APP

After creating simple apps .Try to design your own custom apps. This will help you to crack an interview easily. If you crack the interview learn from another employee as much as you can. In free Time, Learn as much as you can learn A lot of programming concepts learn at home. You can spend time on internet .searching for information is the most important developer's skill. Learn from Steps to become a perfect iOS developer.

Finish  your app

After months of learning and working .try to build a working app. This is the achievement of IOS developer position.

Publish your app to the app store

This step is as your choice. Because To Need an IOS developer account, it will cost around $99 yearly.   Having your app in-app store means you know how to publish the app. 

GitHub is a social platform. We can share your code in  GitHub. You can also watch other ’s code. So it is a great place to learn and share your knowledge with developers. Better organizing your code and have the best possible backup. So sharing your code will help to learn iOS training in Hyderabad.

Recommended Audience:

Software Engineers

Web developers

Team leads


It  is good to have basic programming concepts in Java. Understanding the Object Oriented Programming  Language will be appreciated. If you don’t have any idea also no problem onlineitguru will teach  everything in step by step manner. You can develop your own project within a  short duration of time.