The relationship between KPI and DevOps
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Generally for every industry or organization achieving a goal is important. The success of the project depends on the performance of the project. If the performance is good we can conclude the project is good. If the project is a failure so we have to know the mistake. Later we have to rectify it and make a success of the project. So there is a need to study the project. Thus by using metrics, we can analyze the project easily. Now we study on KPI. And the relationship between KPI and devops.  Finally, by following this, we can make our project to success. Furthermore, you can study on DevOps in devops online training.

What is KPI?

Key Performance Indicators are metrics to know the status of our project. There you can measure the practice of your project, product etc. Suppose if the company starts a project, then it is necessary to measure it. The company needs to know about their target of their goals. By using KPI you should collect, process and find metrics.  So let’s look at the Relationship between KPI and devops.

The relationship between KPI and devops

Deployment Frequency

Boosting employment frequency is a powerful booster in development practices. Because it will make easy for a developer to change the code quickly and easily. This is a great advantage for every company. So it is a great feature for customers to respond easily.  Even the surveys say that it’s easy to implement devops in their organizations. The teams are happy for a finding 30 times faster than as-usual. Since before companies/organizations use to deploy only once or twice a year. But now companies can deploy multiple times per day. This can be taken within a few minutes.

Deployment Speed

Even more than 25 percent of respondents report the following. The teams are happy with accelerating time to deployment. It takes time less than 24 hours to deploy it. PayPal is the example for accepting this.

Failure Rate

It is OK for the company if deploying is fast. But problems go here of failure rate.  For every organization the main goal is profit. And minimize the Failure rate. If failure rates are more then the company loses in their revenue. But unfortunately, devops practices will make big changes. The surveys on the study of the various organization say only 50% failure from code changes. Some of the higher companies like Amazon have only 0.001 percent failure. This shows failures are extremely very less. So there may be a chance of improving further.

Time to recovery

Suppose for every company has service does go out. I suppose time to recovery is more for a big organization. Then big web companies like Google, Amazon, and eBay have a big effect. It is a great loss to the company. So the survey reports tell almost 75% of services to restore in less than an hour. For small companies, the restore services are within minutes.

Happier lives for Developers and Admin

Business benefits of devops are very clear. So the company can deploy changes quickly. So this makes human benefits are more. Then there is more collaboration between developers and its operations. So the most benefits are developers to change the code accordingly. You can learn more on devops in devops online training.


These are the abundant features in the relationship between KPI and devops. Finally, this will make a big change in organization growth and development. Thus the deployment time for project decreases. It will scale to company development and growth. By advancing these features it will have more effect in after days. Furthermore get updates on devops in devops online course.

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