Hai, can we make dashboards for Techies In your Company?  Yes,we can do it, by Tableau. Firstly I want to say, what is tableau, it is a business Intelligent tool used for making Easy Analytics of any data, with Graphical User Interface, you can browse Tableau from anywhere in the world, you can add your clients in the cloud and you can communicate with them.

Creating DashBoards:-

  • Be an Artist: –

Don’t make your Work in avacuum, you can be inspired from many places,the best Example for that is Financial Statement Dashboard, it is from Lindsay Poulter, it is mainly used for all Transport Services data,  andyreconstructed financial Statement by this idea only. When you are Interested to watch a great Visualization Dashboard, analyze it that it contains,how many Great aspectsby that how you are going to be benefited, by your own work.

Tableau Dashboard

  • Don’t use clutter:-

What is clutter, is nothing but arranging your  data in a disordered way, when you are constructing dashboards in tableau, don’t add every option which you like chart or graphs,it not a good way to use to use tableau, the best way is giving the final user a correct Insight from your Dashboard. This is a repeating process, as you can find,better version in time. Take a watch on the updated dashboard which you created: that is filled with all extra Settings or it is arranged properly or you can add something or remove Something you can find it out. For Creating Dashboards  follow Tableau Online Training

Tableau Dashboard-Don't use Clutter

  • Grid your layout :

Griding your layout means, arranging all your components on dashboards, like views,filter,titles,etc, make your own grid format. What is a grid, is agraphical interface which shows all your company data in the proper way. You can design the length and breadth of your grid. The Grid will help, you to read your dashboard, which helps your users as well by guiding them, through the dashboard in a Predictable way with logical analytics. You can also use column and row based functionality to narrate, that which shows users from, Overview to the Detailed version of Insight.
Tableau Dashboard-Grid your layout

  • Using Correct Text Formats :

Typography is an excellent art of art of arranging your font in the tableau. In Tableau, you can browse so many types of fonts and text formats,this additional feature, but don’t use that, arrange a great, Architectureforyour typography. In the below, I showed an exampleImage in that you can see low-level font size and high-level font size and mid-level font which is not should be atop-level font. Reduce the topography architecture for insights which you can understand and don’t reduce for every single Insight, it is not a good way to go with atableau. And font color is one of the best ways to attract users. For more Text Formats on Tableau Follow Tableau Online Course
Tableau Dashboard-Using Correct text Format

  • Make easy your Analytics Font Colour:-

Tableau Dashboard-Make easy Analytics

Friends, how many times did you saw a Dashboard that seems like an accident in a paint shop. Colour is great because it is one of the most tempting things in the world. It is useful when you are using a Tableau Insights, and while building a dashboard. It shows productive and looks like you are making things  Beautiful. Remember Unnecessary color won’t add value.

 You will be able to justify each and every single color in the tableau dashboard of yours, okay why will you use any unique color, and what it will be able to show to the user. If you cannot able to answer that question, then remove it, Tableau Insights is the best practice for color.

  • BANS

Tableau Dashboard - BANS

Do not cut the very important thing, that is yourKPI, on the chart.show it as big as possible, BAN.By this trick, you can reach the users with an utmost Information faster. And charts will show further context. In Tableau, our R & D team verifying the Use of BAN by eye –tracking Software.

  • Iterations and Collaboration:-

Tableau Dashboard-Iterations and Collabarations

if you take a trick from this post, it’s this is one.No dashboard is correct for the first time, your time and collaboration are the two ways by which you can show the better Representation of your data.Every single person opinion on your dashboard brings you new ideas. All the dashboards in our Tableau online training went through so many Iterations.  We making modifications to improve it, and adapt to changing every business questions.

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  • Set up a Tableau community

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