Types of Applications with .NET

Dot Net is a development platform and it can use by large numbers of developers. We can create websites, apps, and services on any devices and OS.  It provides amazing performance and great developer productivity. It is the best choice for our software development project for the mobile, web, and the desktop. .NET is a framework supported by Microsoft and it allows all Microsoft programming languages. We have seen that most of the wealthy peoples across the world love Apple products. Because, the reason is it provides the best services with the best quality. And, the most important thing is excellent user experiences. Like, the same thing goes true for Microsoft. A number of organizations application runs with the user experience. From this blog, I am going to explain Types of applications with Dot Net.

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CLR(common language run-time) is a high-ranking in several technical aspects than JVM or JRE. JVM is a compiler and it translates byte code into comprehensive instructions. It doesn’t translate directly for computing machines. And, it is always slow and requires more updates. This type of case is not present in the CLR and Dot Net. However, Dot Net provides more advantages for business development. By using Dot Net we don’t worry about the coding because it requires less coding. And, it increases the reuse of code. It can use cross platforms and languages. This framework was written to overcome many of the problems of application development. It includes the inability to change applications fastly. Finally, Coming to the blog title Types of applications with Dot Net, I explained below.

Types of applications with Dot Net

Dot Net, when we heard this word the first thing comes in our mind is network applications. However, we have many more applications to create with .NET. In below, I can give some applications that we can develop on .NET.

ASP.NET Web applications:

These applications are programs, which can use to run inside the server. And, It fulfills the requests over the HTTP. It will run from simple Web sites to advanced enterprise applications. Those advances application can run on local and remote networks. By using XML, these enterprise applications provides components to exchange the data.

Types of Applications with Dot Net

Web services:

These applications are web callable functionality present through industry standards like SOAP, XML, and HTML.

Window applications:

These applications can install at user machine. And, it is a single user application and the end user doesn’t require an internet connection. It has a special user interface which is called windows forms. As per the requirement whenever application should be available for only one user we will go for windows application. Look at some examples in below.

Business accounting application.

Medical store stock & sale application.

Types of Applications with Dot Net

Windows services:

These services are a long-running executable application. It can execute a separate window session create especially for each windows services. This service does not interface with another process which will run on the same system. The other name of Windows services NT services.

Console applications:

These are normally used for test applications. It will run inside the command prompt (DOS) window.

Mobile applications:

For these applications, Dot Net makes changes to enable them to run on several browsers depending upon the mobile devices. Devices like mobile phones, Pocket PCs.

Class libraries:

These applications are very useful to users. We can write once and use it several times in multiple applications. In one file, class libraries allow defining several classes with their interfaces and methods. It facilitates the very fast development of new applications because, of the re usability of code.

For their design and development, Dot Net applications use one or more .NET compliant languages. Types of applications that can be created with .NET. Finally, I explained with small overview about types of applications. I hope from this blog you get some idea of which applications that can be create with .NET. I know the above information not sufficient for you on this topic. For more knowledge on Dot Net Join Onlineitguru, you will get everything on Dot Net.

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