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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Upcoming features in JAVA 12

Java proved itself, as an evergreen technology with the later release of JAVA 12. It is nothing surprising to say that we were dependent on the Java platform even after the three decades of its arrival. This is because of its frequent updates every year.  This makes developers more stick to the Java platform. Moreover, it is nothing auspicious to say, Java is used as a server-side programming language in some cases. The JAVA team were struggling a lot, in developing new features in the JAVA platform. In my previous articles of the blog, you have seen Expected Road map of JAVA 11. Now I came with a topic of Upcoming features in JAVA 12.

The developers were expected to release all those features by March 2019. But the exact dates of these features are not yet released. Other than the below mentioned, some more additional features may also release. But initially, they were releasing these features. With these, we can say that JAVA online course will do become as a compulsory language form the schooling level. So, it’s a good thing to have a knowledge on Java before the completion of the graduation. This makes you work flexibility in the IT industry. So now, I would like to move to the Upcoming features in JAVA 12.

Upcoming features of JAVA 12 :

Improved startups, CDS and garbage collection :

Today people were liking the application that has an immediate response. It means applications loading time has become a major factor in these days.  Usually, Class Data storage ( CDS ) is meant for reducing the loading time of the application. In the 64-bit platform, JAVA people plans for enhancing the JDK process to generate a default class data sharing drive. Its goal is to include the out-of-box time startup time and eliminate the running of the X-share dump.  Additionally, it plans to call for modifying the JDK build to run the JAVA –X- share dump. Besides command line option may be included to fine-tune the garbage collector heap times. This is done to improve the use cases memory layout.

Reduced  number of ARM ports :

Till now, we have been using the two ports for processing. But form JAVA 12, we do expect only a single ARM port. With the continuation of 32- bit ARM and 64 –  bit arch 64, java team plan to remove all the sources related to the arm64 port. Removal of this port would let contributors focus effort on a single 64- bit ARM implementation. The main intention is to eliminate the duplicate work, that would result from the two ports.

Switch Expression:

Till now, we people have uses the switch as a statement. But from Java 12, you will be using this switch as a statement. This would enable the user to use the SWITCH in both traditional (or) simplified scoping. Moreover, the block is used as a single scope. And switch working only as a statement. Moreover, the current switch follows language closely to C + +.  Besides, this has been used to write the low-level code. But in high-level contexts, this error-prone begins to outweigh flexibility.

Raw string literals :

While not interpreting the escape sequence (or) Unicode characters such as /n, in the coming releases of JAVA, we do have multiple lines of code. And this has multiple goals for this capability

This makes the end user read the sequence of characters in a readable format.

Without having special commands for writing in new lines, this would supply a string that spans multiple lines of code.

Except for platform-specific line terminators, this makes the ability to express the same strings as traditional string literals. Upcoming features in JAVA 12

Its current library support the replication of current java –c- string literal and interpretation of escapes and manage left margin trimming

So likewise, we would expect many Upcoming features in JAVA 12.  So its good to learn JAVA in this fast-moving days. So enroll for the free demo on JAVA Online Training

Recommended  Audience :

Software developers

Project Managers

Team leaders

Prerequisites :

There are nothing much more prerequisites requires in order to pursue the JAVA COURSE. It good to have a basic knowledge of C / C++. But not mandatory. Trainers of OnlineITGuru will teach you from the basics if you don’t have a knowledge of these concepts from the basics.