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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Upcoming features of Power BI in 2018

Power BI is the one of the famous Business Intelligence tool provided by Microsoft. Even though many vendors provide the service of  Business Intelligence, the services offered by this vendor is quite different and somewhat special. Since its releases, it has been releasing various versions and updating the features gradually.The release of a new version does not have an end.  It will updating day –to – day.  Today in this article, ill explain you the upcoming features of  POWER BI in 2018.

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Before going to explain the upcoming features of Power BI in 2018, let me introduce you some basic terminology of Power BI

Data discovery:

It is the process of collecting the data from various databases and silos and converting into a single source.This single source can be easily and instantly accessed.

Data Quality:

The data that we are getting from different data resources are not in a unique form. In such cases, there may be a situation, where same data may be presented multiple times. Moreover, there would be some anomalies(mistakes) in that data. In such situation, there is a necessity for the data cleansing. This cleansing needs for the data cleansing. This cleansing is performed for the assurance of quality of data.

Self-service Business Intelligence :

This is an approach in the Business Intelligence tools. The greatest advantage of this, it allows the end business users, for a quick and easy access to data, if they don’t have any statistical background. This allows the business developers to take their own decisions, based on their queries.

These three were the tends of Power BI that will never change. In additional, Before going to Know the Upcoming features of Power BI in 2018, let me discuss you some more important concepts.

Symmetry :

Basically, there needs a difference between Azure and on-premises cloud services like MSBI (or) Power BI. Even though there is a difference, the basic things must be same. This Power BI tool has been improving itself, day –to – day. But here we cannot fully exercise the Excel workbooks, as you can do in the cloud services.

Power BI premium maturity :

 As days pass on,  data is increasing day -to – day. In order to handle, all this bulk amount of data, We need some additional features along with the existing features. These new features include the incremental data refresh, Power bI data reports based on data sets in the external workplaces, read-only query replicas.

Upcoming features of Power BI in 2018:

Along with the trends explained above, there were some other additional trends, that was going to launch soon. Let me explain you, one by one in detail :

Enhanced  Query Mode :

We cannot predict how does the end user searches for the particular query.It is a variable thing, depending on the situation.   Along with the current execution mode, it tries to attract the end user, by implementing the Enhanced Query mode. Along with this normal modes, it wishes to implement the hybrid modes too.

Incremental data refresh :

The data that we data is not a constant data.  Rather, it is a dynamic data which varies from time to time.  Moreover, the data that we were experiencing s not form a single source and not a small amount of data.  In order to handle that much amount of data from the various source, we need the data, that would update incrementally. Upcoming features of Power BI in 2018

E-mail subscriptions :

As we discussed above, the version was being the updating day – to – day. So in order to know this updates to the end user, Email subscription options play a vital role.So these people were going to implement to E-mail subscription so make the people constantly updated.Upcoming features of Power BI in 2018

Global Slicer :

 Slicer plays a major in submitting a report to the end user.This slicer helps the end user in viewing the report more precisely.This also helps in the creation of data into multiple pages

Along with option explained above. there were several hidden features that were hidden regarding the upcoming features of Power  BI in 2018. So get the hidden secrets fro the experts of OnlineITGuru through   Power BI Online Training Bangalore.

Recommended Audience :

 Software developers

ETL  developers

Project Managers

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