Updates in Salesforce winter 18 and it's features
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Salesforce is world number 1 Customer Relationship Management .it is popularly called as CRM. Salesforce CRM is an American Cloud-based software company. salesforce headquarters is in San Francisco, California. Most of the Revenue comes from a customer relationship management product. It also sells many commercial applications of social networking through acquisition. Updates in Salesforce winter 18 and it’s features

Salesforce applied in sales, services, and marketing.  There is no need for IT Professional or Expert to set up it or manage .we  simply log in and start connecting to customers very easily. Here In this Article, you will get a clear idea what is salesforce winter 18 and Salesforce winter 18 release notes. This winter 18 builds Artificial intelligence directly into Salesforce. So that we can build apps that they get smarter with every interaction. You can follow salesforce online training.

Salesforce winter 18 features

Updates in Salesforce winter 18 and it's features

Here are the important features in salesforce CRM .so you can get clear information about sales force.

Customization: Dynamic Lightning Pages, Translatable Flows, Custom Lightning Page Templates.

 Use dynamic lighting page so we can control components appearing on a lighting page .it is done by adding filter conditions and logic to properties of Lighting app Builder.So  you can distribute the same workflow for all the users regardless of the language.

Security and Identity

With single logout option only, users can log out in multiple applications at once. You can also predict who first logged in and from where he has logged in. we can encrypt the data including chatter feeds.

Salesforce Iot

By using Salesforce Iot Explorer we can process events from connected devices. We can also create meaningful interactions with customer relationships very easily.


Changes a field from master to look up is not supported for test deployment. If you change field type look up to master is also not supported. Because to Avoid a data loss or corruption. But you can still validate the changes before deploying to production.By performing a full deployment to another test sandbox. Updates in Salesforce winter 18 and it’s features

Online Courses are very helpful in nowadays by saving the time, anyone can learn salesforce easily from anywhere in the world.


You can create your own salesforce app for development. It provides integrated end-to-end life-cycle designs for both developers and development team. So this will help you develop and manage amazing applications, integrations, and packages for organizations.

Critical Updates:

They will enforce the critical update about blocks execution of Java script in hyperlink function They will also delays the critical update which routes records to right approval process .

Debug Logs

Even before winter 18, we can use only 50 MB of debug logs for infinite time. From Winter 18 On wards The debug logs has changed to 250 MB for every  Fifteen minutes. So, this debug logs will be available for 7 days. Updates in Salesforce winter 18 and it’s features

Flow as Object specific Action

We can make flow directly from record page by using Lighting Action. This updated will make increase adoption of flows between salesforce admins.

Shield Improvements

We can use Encrypted data in chatter (GA).

We can also process encrypted fields in flow and process builder(GA)

Using Encryption statistics we can encrypt coverage report.

Skinny table support added one of the main advantages.

Salesforce integrations

Cisco spark, Microsoft and Google applications will empower your sales and services. Empower salesforce to industry-leading business applications. So that salesforce offers an improvement to chatter, tasks, and sales.Updates in Salesforce winter 18 and it’s features we can create quick documents in salesforce .so you can create, share and collaborate on documents and spreadsheets. All files on records in lighting are visible to everyone with access to the record

Help and training:

You can get further information on salesforce course. So you can gain good knowledge on what is  salesforce and Salesforce CRM concepts clearly.

Recommended Audience:

Developers in software

Project Managers and

Team Leads


It’s good to have basic java concepts related to core java and Html. if you don’t have any knowledge also no problem OnlineITGuru will guide you step by step manner. so that you can get all the  salesforce concepts clearly.

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