What are the Best Java Frameworks in 2018
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Java released by Sun Microsystem in the year 1995. Java is a high-level of programming language, it runs on a variety of platform. We all know that Java is an object-oriented programming language so we can run Java program on any platform. When it comes Programming in Java, developers use different Java Frameworks to improve big projects effortlessly. The following blog on Java completely explains about What are the Best Java Frameworks in 2018.

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In the previous blog on Java, I shared some updates which are related to Java 10. Now discuss What are the best Java Frameworks in 2018.  The framework is a collection of libraries and software that can use to develop the program. Framework (means its something provide a frame to your work, and help you for the particular task). There are different frameworks are present in Java but it is difficult for some people to study all of them as different frameworks have different specialty and usage. But it is important to learn about best frameworks which give the client required results. The following are the best Java Frameworks in 2018.

Best Java Frameworks in 2018:

Spring MVC

This is the first framework launched in decade years ago. It is really super how it not only continue to exist but succeed to stand the most commonly used Java framework. Spring MVC is a most famous web framework. It is suitable to use large-scale web applications to improve fastness in the most secure way. There are several services and tools are present that make the developer’s life easy and it is much famous. For developers, it is well recorded to understand the new updates very effortlessly.

Struts 2

It is the second most commonly used Java framework, Struts 2 is useful to newcomers to understand quickly. There are several companies web development are present for minimizing the program and framework is the only one to improve an application from beginning to ending. Struts 2 have that much of capacity to handle a heavy load effortlessly and have to do less coding due to some modules. It gives smooth operation and dynamic response.

Java Server Faces(JSF)

JSF is a perfect Java framework, it helps to develop useful application effortlessly. JSF got a support from Oracle and there is several detailed reports are present to improve the advanced applications. To develop a user-friendly interface JSF comes with several libraries and tools and it is based on the Java EE. But it is the advanced framework we have some knowledge of java to master it.

 What are the Best Java Frameworks in 2018


From last few years, Hibernate has lost his popularity due to the Spring MVC and Struts. Hibernate is a great framework to create strong back-end interface and maintain front-end application effortlessly. It can reduce the gap between application and database and used for the cache mechanism for introducing new features. Hibernate used for only where manipulation of data required because of it has limited applications.


Vaadin is an open source framework. It most commonly used framework for developing the business applications. In the same fashion It helps the customers to change the application easily. There are several user interface components, controls, widgets, and remaining features that help in developing the interesting applications.


Grails used to creating a web application in Java, it is a dynamic Java framework. It Created to boost developer’s productivity. The sample templates and configuration make easily for newcomers, it is the perfect framework, to begin with. It integrates with Java EE, Java and JVM seamlessly.


It is a development toolkit for building and reducing the difficulty of browser-based applications. GWT an open source, completely free, and it used thousands of developers across the world. GWT becoming a developer efficient framework.

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I hope you get some idea of these frameworks. These Java frameworks used to develop and deliver your expected strong application efficiently. Simultaneously these are the best frameworks in 2018.

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