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DataWare House is a place where data from separate operatives and stored are recieved. It is a heart of Business Intelligence. In this IT world, which has a great speed of information, big data and predictive analysis have grown at an accelerated pace. All the operational data sources place the data into the staging area which need to pass through an operational data store which cleanses the data. Data ware Houses   All this transformation in Business Intelligence over past few years, this data warehouse has proven a continuous and reliable technique for managing the integrated data.

From this data storage, we can collect analytical reports that are separate from each other to meet your employees in the organization.  These reports help the organizations to understand and predict their sales and design marketing strategies.  This reports can get through different tools. Let us discuss some of the tools. The advantages of an ETL tool is shown in the below diagram.

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Amazon Redshift: An excellent licensed based data warehouse product, which a  critical part of  Amazon web services. It is a fast and well-managed data warehouse that analyses the data using standard SQL and BI tools. Simultaneously It is a simple and cost-effective tool that allows running complex analytical queries using smart features of Query Optimization. The greatest feature is Redshift spectrum, that allows the user to run queries against unstructured data directly in s3.

Tera Data: Another authorized tool the relational database management process marketed by the Teradata industry. It has two sections specially for data analysis and marketing use. It works in a parallel processing concept that allows users to analyze data in a simple and efficient way. As a Result another important feature is store data in two ways i.e, cool and hot data. Here cool data refers to less frequently used data.

Oracle 12 C: Oracle is a well-established data warehousing platform that provides the best business insights and analytics to the users. It is a standard that comes with a scalability, optimization and high production in data warehousing. Most Important It targets at improving operational and optimizing user participation. Moreover, Oracle 12C Comes with advanced features like Flash Storage and HCC(Hybrid Columnar Compression) that enables high-level data compression.

Informatica: A licensed tool founded in 1993, which was very well established and reliable name in data warehousing days. It holds the good portfolio in data integration, ETL, B2B  data integration, virtualization of data. As an Illustration With the increase of customers, Informatica is continuously trying to leverage its data integration solutions.more over this tool contains  a powerful mapping template for managing data in an efficient manner

IBM Infosphere: It is an excellent  ETL tool that uses Graphical notations to execute data integration activities.  Today, For instance the major advantage of this tool is all the major building blocks of data integration and data warehousing along with data management and governance. At any rate base for this data warehouse architecture is Hybrid data warehouse (HDW) and Logical Data Ware House (LDW). As a matter of fact It is an effective tool in terms of business agility as it is proactive in decision making and streamlining the process. Most Important It helps in giving accelerated projects by contributing security, scalability and improved appearance. Moreover It secures the trusted learning to the end users.

Cloudera: It provides by Apache Hadoop founded in the year 2009. CDH( Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop )  an operation report which has 3 editions named Basic, Flex and Data Hub. Simultaneously You can download it freely from the official website.  But the problem with this is, it is a free version with no technical support.

 Numeric: It is another powerful tool that provides a new way to think about Business Intelligence. It auto connects, cleanses and filters the data and provides the data that required to the user. Equally Important major advantage of this tool is it can instantly filter millions of data rows and provides a personal data warehouse.

Recommended Audience :

 Software developers

ETL  developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


It’s better to have a fundamental knowledge of keeping up and examining them for implementation. No need of Programming skills required to learn this course. It’s great to have knowledge of the utilization of Excel or the worksheets to understand the whole design of MSBI. Checkout in OnlineITGuru now  MSBI online training

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