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BI is a technology-driven process for analyzing the data and presenting the actionable information in order to help the business people like managers, executives and other corporate people in order to take the wise Business decisions. This encompasses a variety of tools which enable organizations from the internal system and external sources in order to develop and run queries across the data and so as to create reports, data visualizations and dashboards for analytical results. One of this Business Intelligence tool is Power BI which has great features which is a product of Microsoft.

To explain Power  BI  is a data visualization and Business Intelligence tool. Which covers data from different data sources to the interactive dashboards and BI reports. It provides multiple software, connector, and services. Some of the apps in these tools were Power BI desktop, Power  BI  service based on Saas. Power  BI apps which were available on different platforms.  Power BI desktop app is to create reports and data visualization on the data visualizations on the data set, while Power BI Services ( Software as a Service – SaaS) is used to publish the reports and Power BI  mobile app is used to view the reports and dashboards. This Power BI Desktop is available in both 32 –bit and 64 – bit versions.

Power BI supports a large range of data Sources where through a click it will show you all the available database connections. Specifically, the major advantage of these tools allows the connections different SQL databases, flat files and Azure cloud or different platforms such as Google Analytics, Facebook and Salesforce objects. It also includes ODBC connection  to other data sources

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To illustrate there are some situations where there is a need to share the content of the analytical results across many users. For this, Power  Bi allows a share option on this desktop. Recently this feature allowed under cloud service. where share option is available in the top bar where you can select the recipients that you need to share the contents along with Re-sharing permissions. Additionally, it allows the user to bookmark or favorite individual reports from Desktop pc (or) Mobile app. Moreover, when a user opens a link of the website, that embedded in the custom visualizations that will be opened directly in the web browser.

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Share point:

Especially Microsoft makes the work easier by sharing the reports through share point online, a cloud-based version of content management and collaboration platform. Recently it releases a new web part, a building block to create share point pages which are responsible to create a code-free way of quickly embedding interactive Power BI reports into the page.

Generally, Along with sharing the data, Power BI Desktop client allows the user to have another way of exploring the data with the report by selecting multiple data points across multiple charts.

Quick Measures:

Quick measures a tool which developed in April 2017 a generally available tool which has show value option. That replaces the Quick class tools enabling the users who were not familiar with Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) To deliver export level calculations where DAX is a collection of functions. Constants and operators to create the formula in Power BI.

Moreover, performance is the major factor in getting the result. A number of performance improvements help speed up improvements. Which use the direct query in some instances using SQL. Where the previous versions use many SQL commands for those calculations and visualizations. Directory Query based on SAP HANA also has updated instead of primarily treating SAP HANA as a relational source. Now Power BI treats in-memory databases by default.

Recommended Audience :

Software Developers

Team Leaders

Project Managers

System Admins


No programming skills required to pursue this course which the primary reason for pursuing this course by many people. And also nothing much prerequisites for learning  Power BI tool. It was better to have a knowledge of basic analytical skills and some knowledge of  Excel and reporting tools. Trainers of Onlineitguru will teach you from the basic if you don’t have knowledge on those topics.

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