Big Data Hadoop Online Training Course
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Big Data and Hadoop are the two terms that are constantly heard in the circuits of Software and Technology. These concepts have the same demand that Java had in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Let’s understand these big bad terms in technology. Big Data is term used for data sets that are large and complex or both, that conventional data processing applications cannot be applied to them.Get in touch with OnlineITGuru for mastering the Big Data Hadoop Online Training .

Generally Hadoop is an open source software framework, developed by Apache Software Foundation that is used for distributed storage and processing of large data sets like Big Data.

In other words, Hadoop or Apache Hadoop framework for large and complex Data sets called Big Data.  Coming to one of the major questions;

who can pursue or study this course?

• Developer
• Data Analyst
• Software Design Architect
• Software Tester or
• Student

As a result Case study and hone the entire concept and Framework.

Now, the next important question; what are the pre-requisites?

Or what courses should the candidate know before enrolling for the Online Training Courses on Hadoop and Big Data?
Basic Knowledge of Java and Object Oriented Concepts could be helpful. If the candidate understands the working of Linux, it is very much beneficial.

Not to mention a laptop/desktop with a minimum RAM of 3 GB, 10 GB of Free Disk Space and a decent processor necessary to run the Big Data Virtual Machine and Hadoop Framework.

The third important question, what are the contents of the course?

The Online Training course on Big Data and Hadoop starts with basics of Linux, Hadoop and Big Data such as Word Count Program (Big Data) while slowly progressing to the advanced concepts of Big Data like writing triggers and storing procedures to Hadoop Database.

In the same fashion students get a chance to learn about NoSQL Databases. Why a NoSQL Database preferred over RDBMS for storing a large chunk of data? And many more concepts covered in the duration of the course.

The fourth and last important question, where to study?

However we have many institutes across the length and breadth of India that have trained professionals teaching the course. One such institution which known for in Big Data Hadoop Online Training and Hadoop services in USA, Canada, Europe and also in various major cities in India like, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi and many others is Online IT Guru.

The experienced professionals working with Online IT Guru’s trainers have experience in the said field and course. Online IT Guru also helps students and professionals taking these courses to find great employment opportunities in the course they pursue in this case, Big Data/Hadoop.Get in touch with OnlineITGuru for mastering the Big Data Hadoop Online Course

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