Introduction to MSBI:

MSBI is one of the ETL tool related to the Database and it is used in Data Analytic Solutions and to visualize your data in any Organization. MSBI is composed for related tools they are useful to provide business intelligence and Data Mining Queries .It is used to Empower of access gain for accurate and for up-to-date information. Business intelligence used by the entrepreneurs and decision making to the organization.

BI Means business intelligence was all about making powerful, valuable and logical decision making.

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What is meant by MSBI Technology?

MSBI Means Microsoft Business Intelligence BI Elements are BI Integrated and the functionality of the application is to be included the end-to-end test we must understand a fact that decision will be made based on information and knowledge. But one thing that information is based on the ‘number’.

It provides different tools for that different processors they are required in the Business Intelligence.

MSBI divided into three categories Tools:

1. SSIS Means SQL Server Integration Servers (it is integration tool).
2. SSAS Means SQL Server Analytical Services (it is an analytical tool).
3. SSRS Means SQL Server Reporting Services (it is reporting).

SQL Server Integration Servers (SSIS): Microsoft SSIS means SQL Server Integration Services is built by SQL Server database for an enterprise to data transformation and data integration also for data migration tool. It is used for integration and relation such as analyzing to cleansing data and running to extract transforms the load processes and update on data warehouses.

SSIS can extract and transform the data from several relational databases as well as sources.XML data files and flat files are loaded with the processed data into an enterprise data warehouse and target systems.

SQL Server Analytical Services (SSAS): Microsoft SSAS means SQL Server Analytical Services technology from the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack for developing Online Analytical Processing solutions.

Simple example for dimensions can be product, geography, time and simple examples for facts to be orders and sales

Cube Development process by SSAS:
1. Reading data from a dimensional model.
2. BIDS in Configuration a scheme (Business intelligence Development Studio).
3. Creating dimensions and cubes from this schema.
4. The cube tuning as per requirements.
5. Deploying the cube.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS): Microsoft SSRS means server reporting Services. SQL Server based that enables the creation, Management and delivery of paper-oriented reports and fully interactive. It also has web email based reports integrated the form of Microsoft business intelligence framework.

Reporting Services combines of SQL Server and data management capabilities familiar with Microsoft Windows Server and powerful Microsoft system office applications. It provides real-time information for support regular operations and drive decisions.

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What Factors does MSBI Involve?

Following factors are involved in Microsoft Business Intelligence:

• Collecting the necessary data.
• Displaying the data in such a way, all the questions of decision get answered automatically.
• Develops a Data dictionary.
• Asses your current Business Intelligence environment.
• Report generated and their applicability to the Business.
• Ability to Obtain and Personalize the Parameters to be included in the report.
• The Appearance of the report readability.

Why should Learn MSBI?

MSBI Permit storing and retrieve data on a smart process for rapid decisions to business. Business Intelligence from Microsoft Company provides creative tools for best solutions on Business Intelligence.

Demand for SSAS, SSRS, and SSIS Professional are required and most of the top companies focus on skilled business intelligence candidates. Online training on BI Entire packages to Grasp all the indicate SQL Server Services and tools.

Scope to the MSBI:

Recommended Audience:
• MSBI Developers
• Business Analyst
• MS SQL Server Architects
• Programmers.


While attending to the practical Training One should have basic knowledge on Database Design knowledge on SQL Server, T-SQL Data Types, Views, Table Design, Constraints, functions, and Stored Procedures are essential.

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