What Industry Say's about iOS 12 Features
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iOS 12 is to make the iPhone and iPad feel like smoother, faster and highly responsive and Beautiful. so now i will explain some advanced features of iOS 12 like Performance Parameters, Face Time , And Messages, Screen Time, Notifications, Do Not Disturb , Augmented Reality, Photos, Camera, Siri. Privacy and Security,. App Updates, so Here’s What Industry Say’s about iOS 12 Features.

So Now in Detail we will Discuss about each feature.

1) Performance : –

The loading speed of the share sheets increased and while lot of sharing extensions are in load.

The Camera swiping speed of has Increased up to 70 % from the lock screen , so that you wont miss any memories.

keyboard Display is 50 % Faster, so that the typing speed is more Responsive.

App Launch Increased up to 40 %, so from one day to another day the iOS App Development Online Course launch is Faster. so that the Multi tasking between the Apps will become More and more Faster.

Graphics are smoother when compared with other mobiles, and while you are Functioning. like control center or swiping while multitasking or scrolling in apps. it has fluid Response.

Responsive and more Faster , we do things faster than ever, in more Devices. iOS has been a part for Improved performance on devices like iPhone 5s and iPad Air. So Here’s What Industry Say’s about iOS 12 Features.

2)Face Time :-

You can make 32 Face Time Calls Simultaneously.

Face Time Video and Audio, you can lift group face time calls with video or audio on iPhone devices like iPhone. iPad,i Mac, or in Apple watch.you can a group of 32 video calls at a time. And there is a focus view in Group Face Time. During Group video calls , the iPhone speaker will be front and center so that you can see the face. by double tapping.

Notifications will be Ring Less, while the users ate in Group face Time, will use. Silent Notification. so that the users can join.

Messages will Integrate , you can start group face time,with group messages. so that you can see and join the active calls from conversation list. And emoji will use Face Time with your family and friends like your animoji or memoji.

Filters will change your look by built in filters, like water color,cosmic book,white. And classic Black.

Text effects updated like speech bubbles, and emoji for your videos and photos. you can shape your videos and photos with arrows,stars, hearts.

you can download Image stickers for your videos and photos.

Private end to end encryption, added so that your calls will be private. So Here’s What Industry Say’s about iOS 12 Features.

What Industry Say's about iOS 12 Features


Create a new animoji that suits your mood and personality and memoji maker is new tool to Analyse memoji.

wink and tongue detection advanced face tracking which knows when you wink. By longer emoji you can clip the record up-to 30 seconds. you can use camera and camera effects in messages.

By using Filters in you can modify colors, shapes and you have image sticker app for sending sticker. In messages.

You can get photo suggestions from Photos image app, And while you are typing Redesigned App. will take up low space when you type. So Here’s What Industry Say’s about iOS 12 Features.

New tools Implemented to make options , how much time you have spent in using apps and portals.

4)Activity Reports

you can get Reports for weekly and daily to see the usage of app , and Device pick ups. you can use your family’s Apple IDs for setting up screen time to watch your kids and to keep a eye on them. so Here’s What Industry Say’s about iOS 12 Features.

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