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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
What is a Business Analyst?

What is a Business Analyst?

A Business Analyst is a Person or member of a company, who examines the Company Profile. He analyses the company documents or systems that work with technology. Every Business analyst act as a ladder between technology and Business issues. In our blog what is a Business Analyst, we will discuss more about it.what is a business analyst

The Following are the topics that we are going to discuss

  • What is the Role of Business analyst?
  • What are the skills need to be a business analyst?
  • How much does a business analyst make a year?
  • What does business analyst do in Information technology?
  • What are some of the tools used by business analysts?
  • Why is a business analyst important?

Now we will discuss about each Topic in detail

What is the Role of Business Analyst

Generally, we have many business analyst roles and responsibilities; mainly know as Business analyst, Architect, Process analyst, IT business Analyst, Requirements Engineer, Business system analyst, Data analyst, Functional architect, UX analyst and many more. Therefore, these many roles we have in BA.

The Role of BA depends up on the company he working for. All of us know about the term “Business” means making money. The Job of a business analyst is to, recognize the problems, requirements and Improvements in each aspect of the organisation. Am not going to explain about the business process. However, I mean to say the Roles and responsibilities of BA.

Especially he should understand what the business process. Know how to improve previous Business process. He should recognize which point is not improving Business. BA should be familiar in designing and implementing the IT system with BA Certification.

What are the skills need to be a business analyst

Good Communication:- Most of the time Business analyst, will spend their time in talking with users, colleagues, Developers and many more. Therefore, he should be a good communicator. BA will organised work meetings, listening to colleagues to create new tasks and make good relationships.

Solving Problems: for solving problems, business analysts will develop mutual understanding community. So that, BA’s will develop solutions for each and every problem.

Negotiation Skills: Good negotiation skills brings good profit to company. Solve the client’s problem also. At a time company and client, both of them will be happy.so not only this, but also he should have computer skills, analytical skills.

How much does a business analyst make a year

It depends on the company; they are working for, and their experience as a business analyst. The average salary of a BA is 6, 00,000 to 12,00,000 per annul.

What does business analyst do in Information technology

He will write all requirements that are needed for new project. Refer Stakeholders, translate and change business needs and technical issues. Handle the project requirements. BA works together with Project Developers, architects and testing team.

What are some of the tools used by business analysts

For Finding Data and Getting Data, they use some tools like Razor SQL, DB visualizer, Presto, vertica, Hive, teradata and SQL.For manipulating data and Statistical methods Python, SAS, R , MS excel. For Data visualization R, Python, Microstrategy, Click-view, Spot fire, Tableau, Excel for Automation Java, Django, python.

Why is a business analyst important

Similarly we will discuss the importance of BA. A BA will reduce big work to small works. By this, the work is made simplified and developing made easy. BA guides the project and keep it up to date.

Specifically When a project manager is down with his work, the analysts will guide the project. Simultaneously when there is a break between the communications, analysts will attach the braked bond between the groups. If you are interested to learn business analyst please go through BA Training.

If Project team has any misunderstanding or confusions. Consequently, a BA will organize all things with a business analytics.

Especially a Business analyst is Just like a Daily need to the company. And they guide the project to successfully complete. Many of us think that project manager will do all the things in a project. However, BA has more Responsibilities, then a project leader.

Making everyone in the team happy.Furthermore Moving the Project according to the company requirements. These all are look like simple tasks, but they should happen, when a BA has more Patience.

So this is the Importance of BA in any company. Business analyst role is crucial in any company. For mastering in BA, onlineITguru is there to help you. Get Business analyst certification

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