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Welcome to everyone, today am going to tell you about the story of Android. I think we are familiar with android, because we are using android mobiles. At present, health of a person is monitored by android application. If we update our health details in it. The app send our data to Doctor and in return we receive a feedback from doctor. So in this way every Business is looking, into the App world. By this every business will get genuine leads. In the first place we can see the importance of what is Android.

Generally 95 % of market share for android and remaining 5 % is for other mobile shares. As a matter of fact, Compare to other mobile android phones are cheaper than other mobiles.

In this blog we will discuss about the following topics.

  • Introduction to Android
  • Why Android not other
  • From where Android came
  • What is the Architecture?
  • Features?
  • What are the building blocks
  • How can we install?
  • Start your first Application?
  • You’re first Android Application

Now we will see our first topic in our Android tutorial blog, i.e., Introduction to Android

What is Android

Let’s begin, you and me know that Android system is OS implemented by Google. In addition, It mainly Depends upon kernel and used for Touch screen gadgets.

Since android is a Google product, Android OS will understands each and everything about you. It allows you to mould the applications on your taste.

Why android not the other.

  • Many android applications for Single user
  • Apps Integration model
  • Android community and many more
  • Product cost is low
  • Simple operating system
  • Open source for every one

Android was intended to be very customizable. And we welcome innovations. Sundar Pichai

That is the best thing behind google. Now let’s jump into From where Android came?

Get started with Android

  • From where Android came

Till Now Google has launched many versions on Android application. Identically Every version is named under some favourite foods like, cupcake, Donut, Eclair, froyo and ginger bread. This all names comes in alphabetical manner. Now latest version is Nougat best release for 2018 and it is the delicious release.

Now we will go in to deep and Discuss about Android Architecture

What is the Architecture

Latest Android OS is Operating system with group of layers, in that each layer is combination with many components. It contain your operating system and many important applications. Every layer in the architecture offer many service.

Now we will see what the layers are in android stack

Linux kernel-it is the last most layer of android. It do not interact with developers and users. But it considered as core of total system. It offer services like hardware Drivers, network stack, Power management software, Security settings, memory management Programs and many more.

Application layer-- Every android app installed in application layer.

Application Framework layer-- Every applications directly interact with Android Architecture. This will handle core functions of our mobile like voice call management.

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Run-time – it offers Dalvik virtual machine (DVM). Dalvik a Java based virtual machine that is designed for only android.

Libraries-- This carry a group of instructions to direct the device to handle many types’ data types. For example “media Framework library” used for audio and video formats. To get in-depth knowledge on Android, you can enroll for live Android training by OnlineITGuru with 24/7 support and lifetime access.

Best features of Android mobile

Android Beam-- I think you are aware of it, in our mobile we have an option called NFC, we can make use of this feature with two smart mobiles.

WiFi-- with this feature all your android apps will connect to point to point connections.

Many languages-- you can type in English, Hindi, Marathi, Odisha and Many more.

Multi app-- if you take best android phone vivo Y83 , at time you can see YouTube and chat with your friends in whatsapp. This is the best example of multitasking.

10-touch-- it is also known as multi-touch feature. supported by every android mobile.

Storage-you can get up to 120 GB Internal Memory.

Connections-- you can get connected with many devices like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, CDMA and many more.

Web Browser-- for some mobiles we can see some inbuilt browsers for Nokia, Samsung and vivo.

I am also android user, even I also feel the above features. Coming to our next topic.

Building Blocks

in the same fashion, For any android application we can see major building blocks.

Content providers, manifest, Broadcast Receivers, services, Activity.

Let us Discuss about the above features

Manifest-- it acts as guide to your application .

Content providers-- it will share the data in one application as well as two applications.

Broadcast receivers-- these are just receivers between android OS and Applications. Uniquely best example it listen to Incoming call.

Services-- if you are watching Google maps or google photos and suddenly you, received a call from your friend. Then mobile do not disturb by sending messages.

Local service: you can access with in application.

Remote service: prior to you can access remotely from other applications, that operating on the same device.

Activity-likewise it represents screen of any application. So in time, if we take whatsapp as example. When you chat with a friend, you can previous chat and, every interactions between you and your friend. For every interaction you will get new screen. Equally important These all comes under activity like we take android games.

as a matter of fact,I think you are reading following my Blog! Oh that’s great.

I think right now it’s a war for the mind share of software Developers and for the mind share of customers, and right now iPhone and Android are winning that battle. Steve Jobs

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Now we will discuss about Android Installation.

How can install Android

First Download Java Development Kit (https://goo.gl/XcZGCb) and Android Studio (https://goo.gl/vRNZwzfurthermore After downloading this two software’s , install them.

Start your First application-- additionally now we both of us can create Application in Android studio for android mobile. Click on “start a new android studio project” it will show every option, that we can use it.

similarly I hope you will design a nice android application. I think you enjoying my blog and in the same fashion, it will help you for your future in Android Development.

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