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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
What is Big Data?

From the last ten years, we are hearing about it. Do you know the meaning? How it changing day by day and why IT companies looking for certified professionals. Here in this, what is Big data tutorial, I will tell you complete details about it.

Big data the foundation of all the mega trends that are happening”

What is Big Data?

The work of Big Data is to collect,store and Process the data. it uses many applications like analyzing, transferring, capturing and searching.

What is Big Data

I think you have understood what is Big data concept

We will Discuss the following topics.

  • Overview
  • Applications
  • Features
  • How many types do we have?
  • Targets in Big data
  • What are the examples of Big data

Let us go into our blog what is Big data


 In olden days, when we use to have cars, but in the car only 3 to 4 people can travel. But when bus arrived in the market. People used to travel on the bus. The same concepts represent big data. We have to store our data in servers because we can store less amount of data. Day by day our data also increases. So to store this data and process, is difficult on our server.

By this blog on Big Data Tutorial. Let us go through some sources of big data, where the old systems are unable to store the process. I think you are following my blog. We have a saying about it.

“Data really empowers everything that make”


What is Big Data

We cannot mention these many applications are there in big data. But as per my knowledge, I will share few applications.

Search Engines-  As a matter of fact Google and Yahoo using big data. If you or I search something on google. It shows the related searches to that. So we understand that Google also stores the data to update its search quality. With help of Big data analytics.

Retail Industry- In general we can consider Walmart as example. Best user of big data. We can take Flip kart, it shows recommendations by using data analytics.

Communication sector- Equally for every communication we need some data. We can consider Jio network, it uses big data applications.  They use big data to mainly decrease. The Data packet loss, these will happen when the cell tower is overloaded. To overcome this problem and to provide a non-stop connection every telecom company will use big data as a benefit source.

So these are the applications of Big data technologies, let us take a break and see about targets in big data.

Targets in Big data

Security-  we think that storing the data is important, but securing the stored data also an important factor. Securing the data contains many things, I will tell examples, especially user access ID, user authentication. Make a record of data access histories. Using correct data encryption.

Quality- Consequently we store the data and we analyze the data. So why we have to check the quality of the data. In general every year many companies pay around $800 billion for not useful data.

Storing Data- if you have more data, then you have more critical problems on handling them. So for that, we have a big data system which can be easily used and Implemented.

Features of Big data

What is Big Data

What is volume- It means the amount of big data, growing day by day in a fast way. The amount of data produced by machines and humans, that their interactions on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn considered as many. By 2020 the data will be more than 45 Zettabytes.

What is variety- As we know that big data contains many varieties? That is structure data, non-structured data. So we get a variety of data. In olden days, we used to get data from many sources, like databases and excel worksheets. Today data can be in the form of audio, video and in sensor form. This type of unstructured data designs issues in analyzing, capturing and storing the data.

What is veracity- It is nothing but the unavailability of data. This happens, when the same data is kept in similar formats. In some cases, data is congested and it seems to be difficult. Quality and accuracy of big data are not controllable,  it justified as social media hashtags and posts.

OK till now we have seen features of, big data in our what is big data tutorial, now we will go through some data types, in big data.

How many types do we have in Big DataWhat is Big Data

We all know that big data deals with data.

Structured Data- Data, that can be processed in a straight and fixed format called structured data. Data that stored in relational database management, system is an example of a structured database. This type of data is simple and easy to process. Now we know that this is a fixed schema. We have the best language that SQL. Used to manage any type of data. It uses many big data tools.

Semi-structured Data- This type of data, do not have a correct structure of a data sample. That explained as a defining table, in DBMS. But it has some company options like tags and other markers to divide semantic elements, that creates an easy way to progress JSON documents or XML documents.

Unstructured data- Data that do not have any format. Stored in RDBMS. It cannot be analyzed. It analyzed when it changed into a structured format. We can have some files like images, audios, and videos; these are best examples of unstructured data. Today 80 % of data we get is unstructured data.

 I think I have done with my job in explaining about, what is Big data. I showed you the best examples about Big data. This is the end of this blog. In upcoming blogs we will discuss what is big data analytics.

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Thank you.