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What is BizTalk?

BizTalk Server is Microsoft’s Integration server tool to perform the Business related task. It stores the server data in SQL Database and the latest release to connect for diverse software.

whereas graphically creating and changing the process of logic used for the business process. BizTalk Server provides applications to transfer the messages for each other and long-running transactions to business processes. It supports various built-in adapters FTP, HTTP, SOAP, and SQL and uses XML for multiple internal methods.

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1.BizTalk Server Architecture:

The below Figure shows BizTalk Server Architecture with messaging by another subsystem. When Files out from receive port and it was passed through the message box by receive pipeline.

From receive pipeline transfer the data to BizTalk design to process. Data will send back by using a receive pipeline through sending port to the output.

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a)Receive Ports:

Receive ports means various messages enter into BizTalk. It gets messages from any means of transport like HTTP, SOL, EDI, and SOAP. Therefore packages get through plans, trucks, ships, buses. Some sales-related file is coming to pick up the file from FTP by a remote server.


It acts as an edge connector for the BizTalk server to link with various systems. Adaptors link to a pipeline to message source how to receive and send the message by SMTP means simple mail transport protocol adaptor.

c)Receive Pipeline:

The process to send a group of messages in a serial of processing steps is encoding encryption. Decoding, decryption, assembling, parsing or validation. Those received and send pipeline in BizTalk.

d)Message box and Subscriptions:

The message box plays a major role in the BizTalk messaging subsystem. It is just like a central store and message box known as the SQL store. If one node fails to send a message and will be picked up through another node to send again. Every Talk was followed by publishing and subscribe pattern.


It used in business process Execution Language and quantity with higher than the threshold. One can change the format of a message by maps. By using some other web services is for credit card verification.

a)Business Rules Engine:

Business Rules Engine used to store the collection of rules from Orchestration. It is reusable and simply maintainable to collect and write the business rules. Finally, this executed in Design or code in the BizTalk server.

b)Send Pipelines:

Send pipelines are going to process the file before sending them to the final output. It allows taking one note.

c)Send Ports:

It handles both the send port and the receiving port in the message box. In the same way, Send port will subscribe to a message directly from the note box.

3.BizTalk Server used Terms:


Especially routing Used to alter the messages to subscribe with filtering.


In addition, messaging is a kit of Data from the receive port and also sends port through pipeline and adapter.


It is completely changing the format of the instant note by pipeline.

d)Message Correlation:

Used for Passing data values and getting serial notes.

e)Business Process Integration:

In other words, BizTalk offers a simple way to manage several links and features known as scalable state boards and long-running deals.

f)Business Activity Monitoring:

In giving clarity into the robotic process and in the same way offer real-time useful Data

g)Health Activity Tracking:

In particular, a web-based interface that accesses by HTTP to view data and check the reports of a business in the same way.

4. What are BizTalk Server Databases?


Generally, these Database stores central Meta-Data for all instances of BizTalk Server.


It used by the BizTalk server engine for routing and instance board with many tasks.


Especially, It stores the entire reports of health scan data pursue by the BizTalk server tracking engine.


Although a database store policies that set to related rules and kits of user-friendly, domain-specific names for data sets. 


To enumerate a Single sign-on database will safely store form Data to receive locations.

Finally, these are the best-known facts about Biztalk, in upcoming blogs, we will update more data on this Topic.