what is Dot Net
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What is Dot Net?

Dot Net is known as Business Policy, a programming concept from Microsoft Web services. It has the ability to implement the web, not towards your computer but for different computer services.

Microsoft main Agenda is to offer continuous, web-enabled applications and computing devices for everyone, to create a web browser oriented activities. It contains servers, designing blocks services, web-based data storage, and device software that has Microsoft fill-in-the-form-only-once that is identity verification service.

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If you are a programmer, it gives you the ability to design reusable modules. This will increase productivity However, it will decrease the number of scripting mistakes. 

With this, you can integrate many communications like telephones, faxes, and emails and know more at Microsoft IT Training

We know that it is a Centralized data storage, Not to mention by this we can increase the efficiency. Easy for accessing the information as well as synchronization, of information on any types of users and devices.

More about ASP .NET

Although you get a premium online service; feature delivering of the products and services to the user with a central, starting point for managing many applications like office .NET, software, example, email and many more.

Dot net, best known for interactive websites and designing, it initiated by XML and HTML language. As an illustration, you can design the total range of computing devices, this device will work together and they will update information automatically.

As a matter of fact, we know the founder of Microsoft, Bill gates. According to his strategy, It will show output on the computing world. Showed path to the windows and said that .NET applications and services accessed by any browser. Developers more focused on .NET code products with online certificate courses.

Generally, .Net full version is expected to take several years to complete, combined product releases, like personal security service. And the latest versions of office and windows were especially coming in the market. To enumerate, Visual studio training .NET is an Environment for programmers, that is now available in each and every windows version.

Dot net Framework

Generally, the Dotnet framework is a platform for every programmer. It developed and implemented by Microsoft. This framework is best known for designing applications that run on all Windows platforms. The first version was released in 2002. It is best known as .net framework 1.0. we have dot net 4.6 version and the simultaneously current version is 4.7.1.

By this framework, we can design and develop web and form-based applications. At the same time, Web services implemented and developed by using .Net framework.

This framework also guides many programming languages like C# and Visual  Basic. So programmers can select any type of language to develop the required application.

Dot Net programming

C# is known as C sharp that is a simple and easy, latest object-oriented language. With this, we can do programming safely.

F# pronounced as a cross-platform, best open source programming language for .NET. Usually, it contains object-oriented and immediate programming language.

Visual Basic

Visual Basic is a must-learn the language, that is with the simple and easy syntax for designing object-oriented applications.

Dot net core

Dot net core open-source web framework, which has more performance than ASP.NET. It developed and implemented by the Microsoft community. Subsequently, it is expandable and runs on .NET framework and cross-platform .NET core.

This framework will replace the ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET web API into one single programming model.

It does not have a big degree of comparison with  ASP.NET MVC.  For this framework, application guides step by step in different types of applications. Therefore this will operate on the same machines that can focus on ASP.NET core, we can not compare with the versions of ASP.NET.

We have to say thanks to Dotnet core because it has run time, library, compiler components. You can design applications that operate on Linux, Mac OS X, and windows.

How can we classify Dot net Developer?

Engineer / Intern

web developer / Intern

software Engineer / Intern

software developer / Intern

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