What is Ethical Hacking
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What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking believed as penetration testing, red teaming or intrusion testing. It is the process of finding weak points of computer and Data systems by making fake actions of hackers. In below we discuss more about what is ethical hacking?

In our What is Ethical Hacking blog, we will go through following topics

  1. History of Ethical hacking
  2. How Ethical Hacking is done
  3. Which is the best ethical Hacking Certificationwhat is ethical hacking

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History of Ethical hacking

From the past 30 years we have seen internet is growing very fastly. At the same time computer, security has become a big problem for most of the business and government companies. This company make use of Internet for advertising, eCommerce and many more. However all the companies worry about hacking and to save their Money.

To overcome this problem, companies has come to decision to have ethical hackers in their company. These hacker will test the companies systems and take proper measurements to avoid the cyber-attacks.

When computers are invented, ethical hacking also used to evaluate the system security. In the past many ethical hacks were conducted by US military teams, on their operating systems for classification. As a matter of fact the growth of networking and computing vulnerabilities, detected in 1990’s started outside of the military. After that in 1993, two computer security Engineers Dan Farmer and wietse venema from IBM, given solutions that used by hackers. By these solutions, they can check the security of the system. These two engineers also showed with best examples that how this solutions can prevent the cyber-attacks. This engineer also known white hat hacker.

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After some days, farmer and venema has come to conclusion that, they have used complex, critical and time-consuming practices. The security analysis tool SATAN developed to avoid these. This tool will give suggestions that how they can rectify the problems.

How Ethical Hacking is done?

If you are a ethical hacker, you have to follow the following methods to get legal Results.

Master Plan – we need security policies like Regulations, laws. Culture and history. Every policy will play a significant role in decision making, when it comes to the point of ethical hacking.

Reconnaissance  it known as military observation, when we search for information, which create possibilities for cyber-attack. Like tapping phones, networks, social engineering. Searching the information for hacking will reach extreme levels vice-versa for company and hacker.

Integration – When we get the test results, we can use these results for getting solutions that are more productive in finding the attack. We analyse these results by old test results, security policy, risk analysis and many more.

Incident Management The ability to detect an attack, and know how an attack has made and constant attack happen on the system, gives the formula for an incident response plan.

Defense system – Harmful information that present in our data, should be immediately rectified. To avoid the upcoming threats. A secured defense plan will give best results to avoid cyber-attack.

Reducing the Risk – If you found the information, which corrupted, and think that it is a risk. Then you have to take actions to fix it. Fixing can done by updating the changes and testing.

Which is the best Ethical hacking Certification?

Certified Ethical Hacker

Generally certified ethical hacker ( CEH certification expert ) is the biggest of all available certifications. It Designed to test the knowledge of the cyber security professional. If you have two years’ experience in cyber security, then you can write the exam. Therefore this exam conducted by EC-council. 

Global information Assurance certification Penetration Tester

It also known as GIAC program, that given by SANS institute, and one of the best companies to offer cyber security education. Finally, GIAC also offer so many vendor-neutral certifications. You can qualify in this exam by onlineitguru online training.

Offensive Security Certified Professional

OSCP- It is the technical certification. With this certification any professionals can test their technical knowledge on cyber security, and theoretical and practical understanding of penetration testing and many more.

I think you have enjoyed my blog “ what is ethical hacking”, if you have any doubts , you can go through our ethical hacking blogs. OnlineITGuru is offering Ethical hacking online courses with experts. So, this training will help you to become a certified ethical hacking expert.

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