Hacking, this word is the shock wave for the business community. This hacking news may bring the financial problems to the organizations and maybe reputation will decrease. Organizations are daily worried about this news, for this problem Ethical Hacking came into the picture. What is Ethical Hacking? Before going to discussing Ethical Hacking, let’s talk about what is hacking. In general, we can define the hacking is to change the system features to achieve the goal outside of the creator’s original purpose. In another way, hacking means make use of vulnerabilities or getting unauthorized access from the computers and network resources. Some peoples make it a professional and involving hacking activities. And those people are taken hacking as a lifestyle. We can call those peoples as a hacker.

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The hackers gain the money through directly or indirectly get into the networks of all governments and other organizations. And, they will gain money directly because they are able to hack the other people accounts. Hack their accounts and get the money. They will gain money indirectly because they are able to pay some amount of money to organizations to get the data from organizations or governments. But Ethical Hacking is completely different from the hacking. The Ethical Hacking process is also known as red testing. However, we can get a certification also through the Ethical Hacking. We have several tools and technique for Ethical Hacking. Let’s have a look on below. What is Ethical Hacking in clearly?

What is Ethical Hacking?

The financial industry is dependent on the technology right!! What will happen if they are hacked? For this situation, financial industries face many problems like a financial loss, services down, reputation damage, and contagion. How to improve cyber resilience? Ethical Hacking is the only solution to those problems. Hacker tries to break into a system and identifies its weakness. In this situation, ECB has developed guidance on the Ethical Hacking. Applying it, companies will test an EU-wide seal of approval. It will help the financial system identify the weakness and enhance its cyber resilience. So that our money will safe and our economy stays strong..!!

It is not a new technology, and it was introduced in 1970 when the government used “red team” to hack into the computers and test vulnerabilities. According to the study of HSB Cyber Study, 90% of the business faced the experience of hacking incidents over the last years. It is the costly and unavoidable problem for all small business. Hackers also get more experience using emerging technology. Ethical Hacker helps to reduce the catastrophic damage to the small business. And, it will help the users by protecting catching vulnerabilities. Small companies are no need to pay more money to attract the Ethical Hackers. Look for professional ranging tested and certified. In below, I explain how do Ethical Hackers works?

Ethical hackers start their life as hacking means take a challenge or learn themselves on the vulnerabilities in information technology security. Some times we call as “white hat hackers”. It will help the combat hacking for small and large companies employ their own-in house Information security. Those peoples have also knowledge on the problem-solving for security breaches and collect and analyze data to monitor. Sometimes ethical hacker comes into the category of ‘penetration testers’. These penetration testers are looking at security on web-based applications and use several methods to hack into systems. Coming to the job opportunities of the ethical hackers.

What is Ethical HackingInitially one has to work as an assistant for the security system until he/she can get experience as enough to be Ethical Hacker on his own. With experiences, get a good package. However, those who can work with experiences 5 years or more can get 12 lakhs package. Ethical Hackers are work with not only IT companies, but also financial services, retail chains, hotels, and several government services. We have many institutes to learn Ethical Hacking. Companies are looking for Ethical Hackers Enroll..!!.. Now. Finally, I gave a small overview of What is Ethical Hacking?

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Recommended Audience :

Software  Developers

 Team Leaders

Project Managers

Database developers


There are nothing additional prerequisites required in order to purse to Ethical Hacking. But, it’s better from a computer science background and mathematics as a strong foundation. finally In this institutes, trainers will explain each and every topic regarding this technology.

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