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What is Google Cloud?

Google cloud platform is a General cloud computing service of google. It has hosted services on application Development, storage, and cloud computing, runs on google hardware. Google cloud platform services for everyone like IT and cloud professionals by secured Network connection.

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In Our what is Google Cloud blog, we will discuss the following topics.

Google cloud certification

OnlineITguru is providing training programs and certifications on google cloud platform. It includes programs on machine learning, Information, application development and G suit administration, many more. We have three cloud certifications. Certified professional G suite administrator, Certified professional data engineer, certified professional cloud architect.

Google cloud pricing options

As same like other public cloud services, Google offer services like pay as you go model. There is no need to pay before. You can pay for only what you use and every cloud service, is having different price from service to service.

Summary of google cloud offerings

As we know that, it offers services for IoT, machine learning, big data, networking, storage and other computing services. Consequently, it also provides developer and security tools, google cloud print.

The best Products of Google cloud

Google container Engine, it is a well-known orchestration and management system for Docker containers. That functions with in the public cloud. This engine is depended up on kubernetes container orchestration engine and helps cloud print.

Google cloud storage, it is a huge cloud storage platform made to store big unstructured data sets.  It gives database storage choices, includes cloud SQL for MySQL, non-related storage, cloud platform data store for No SQL and many more.

Google App Engine especially, it is a platform as service that gives software developers to get knowledge and access google scalable hosting.  Accordingly Developers can use a SDK; it is a software development kit, to design software products that operate on App engine.

I think you are aware of it. Google compute Engine, it is (Iaas) Infrastructure as service, that offer users with virtual machines examples for workload hosting and google print.

Google high end services

Every year google is adding higher-level services. Like big data and machine learning for its cloud platform. So google big data services include, analytics and data processing like Google Big Query for SQL like queries, that designed on multi-terabyte data sets. Accordingly, google cloud data flow is a data processing service meant for data processing for analytics. It also contain google cloud Data program that give Hadoop and Apache spark services for processing the data.

As an illustration for artificial intelligence, google cloud console provides cloud machine learning engine. In other words it is handled service that enables, users to design and train machine learning models. Many APIs are there for analyzing and translating the speech that is next to the videos, images and text.

In the same manner google offer services for IoT, like google cloud IoT core which is a sequence of handled services, that initiates users to manage and consume data from IoT devices.

In particular, google cloud platform is a combination of services. However Every time it introduces modifications or stop services that based on user. The competitors of google are Amazon and Microsoft azure, cloud server.

Advantages of Choosing Google Cloud Hosting

Best Pricing – Google provide bills in minimum level. Therefore, you pay for how much time you have used for computing. It provides discounts, if you use it for a long time. In the same way Start-up cloud computing services will be more benefited.

Google global fiber As we know in 2016, google announced about FASTER cable system. Therefore with this it get access up to 10Tbps (terabits per second), 60 TB bandwidth between Japan and US. Implementing this features for Google app customers and google cloud.

 Migration of Virtual machines

I think we have discussed about Google cloud hosting. How we use this feature in kinsta is on the migrations of virtual machines. Either it offered by AWS or Azure, or any other smaller companies in Digital ocean provide this functionality. With this type of migrations, engineer at google will address. As a result this type of issues will show software and hardware updates. No need to worry about reboots. These are the best benefits of google cloud. In the upcoming blogs, we will discuss more about it.

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